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Choice Music Prize: place your bets….

The Choice Music Prize‘s hunt for the best Irish album of 2008 reaches its conclusion tonight at Vicar St with live performances from six of the nominees before the announcement of the overall winner. The event will be broadcast live on Today FM.

So who’s going to win? We have no idea but we do want to know who you think is going to walk away with the prize and WHY?. Leave your vote below, we’ll do the math and announce the State readers’ winner at 5pm.

Just to remind you, the runners and riders for this year are….

1. Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion (Model Citizen)
2. Mick Flannery – White Lies (EMI)
3. Halfset – Another Way of Being There (Casino Gravity Records)
4. Lisa Hannigan – Sea Sew (Own label)
5. David Holmes – The Holy Pictures (Canderblinks)
6. Jape – Ritual (Co-Op)
7. Messiah J & The Expert – From The Word Go (Inaudible)
8. Oppenheimer Take The Whole Mid-Range And Boost It (Fantastic Plastic)
9. R.S.A.G. – Organic Sampler (Psychonavigation)
10. The Script – The Script (Sony Music)

Choice Music Prize TV on MUZU.

  • Rob

    It’s gonna be Jape me thinks…

  • Tom S

    It should be Lisa Hannigan or Mick Flannery but, as per every year, it is always the ‘underdog’ who get it. Last year, maybe KILA should have got it but SuperBonusxtraparty go it…the year before it was Neil Hannon when Duke Special should have won…maybe the ‘jury’ just want to seen to be kool! so it’ll be Fight Like Apes..but dats okay too!

  • Spacey

    I am going to put my money on Jape he deserves it

  • Funtime

    Jape for sure

  • Tracy

    Mick Flannery – White Lies (EMI)

    So proud of an amazing vocalist, such talent. Deserves credit for his hard work and contribution to the Irish music circuit.

  • Logical bet would be for Jape but I’m going out on a limb and saying RSAG…

  • Jape. A lot of hype and praise surrounding his album. Great ‘tache too (if he still has it)

  • noveltyrock

    David Holmes should win it. His album is the best on the list. Jape probably will win it. But that’s no bad thing either

  • What about The Jimmy Cake- Spectre and Crown?? in which case it’s Fight like Apes all the way.

  • Getting a weird feeling that Halfset could do. If not, it’s between the boy Egan and the girl Hannigan.

  • the master switch

    it should be giveamanakick or moutpiece but seeing as neither are options then david holmes.

  • Owen

    Lisa Hannigan will Halfset should.

  • So Jape gets the nod. Doors at Vicar St open at 7 and the man himself kicks things off at 7.30. We’ll be back with a review of the night and news of the winner tomorrow but I’m sure they’ll be some degree of twittering going down.

  • By the way I reckon FLA should but have a feeling for RSAG or Halfset. To be honest there’s 8 potential winners there.

  • Gerry Brady

    it’ll be crap like the script who win. lisa hannigan deserves it but unfortunately wont win.

  • barryb

    Why do I think Messiah J & The Expert are gonna nab it? hmmm

  • Lucy Jackson

    I think it’ll go to fight like Apes

  • “…I think it’ll go to fight like Apes…”

    ehhhh – this was announced last night!!