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Coachella Festival video/jealousy roundup extravaganza

Sometimes when you can’t be halfway across the world for a festival, there’s no better cure than vicariously living the experience through Youtube footage and blog posts. So with that in mind we present – a compendium of reports and videos fuelled by our own jealousy.

All manner of highlights occurred over the weekend in California for the first big North American festival of the season:

1) Prince did a 7 minute cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’, as the dude in the video says – “EPIC!”. (via). Full report on his set. Photos, videos, setlist here.

2) The Verve return and the world breathes a sigh of relief as it becomes apparent Richard Ashcroft’s ego hasn’t deflated. (‘Bittersweet Symphony‘ live).

3) “Roger Waters released a giant pig.” – video (via)

4) Portishead sound and look quite delicious live. Video of ‘Machine Gun’. Youtube clips of the complete setlist.

5) Dan Deacon was freakin’ awesome as usual.

6) Aphex Twin played a DJ set which featured Public Enemy – video.

7) Animal Collective played an extensive trippy version of Panda Bear’s ‘Comfy in Nautica’. (via) Two new songs ‘House’ and ‘Bearhug’ at Pitchfork.

8 ) The singer from Les Savy Fav took his clothes off again and sat on people. (via)

9) Kraftwerk played. As always, efficiently and superbly brilliant. (Video)

10) Our Glen and Marketa covered Pixies’ ‘Cactus’. Great clumsy guitar changeover in the middle of the video.

11) State contributor Jeff Weiss was there. His reports – Day One / Day Two. Presumably Day Three to follow when the dude wakesfrom his LA slumber.

12) Tegan and Sara MP3s from their festival set.

13) The Breeders played ‘Cannonball’! (video).

14) Why doesn’t Santogold have a live band? Is she too cool? Too lazy?

15) The singer from Vampire Weekend wore the most amazing pair of pink shorts.

16) Check out the new Bonde do Role line-up.

17) For the real festival buzz, follow Brian, Mary Ann, Devin and Eric as they captured their Coachella experiences.

A report will follow this week on from an actual person, who was actually there!

  • Ah! Every year i say the same thing.
    “Have to go to Coachella next year”
    And every year im saddened to be reminded its all over again.
    Next year eh?

  • Dammit, wish I was there…

    Sounds amazing…