by / April 19th, 2016 /

Introducing: Colour Canyon

It’s a joy to continuously find that the Irish music scene is in safe nick. Recently, we shared (so did everybody, really..) two superb cuts from Carriages, and State has always had time for Little Xs for Eyes, so it was a nice surprise to find out that Harry Bookless (a member of both the aforementioned outfits) and Michelle Considine (of the latter) have emabarked upon a new project together under the guise of Colour Canyon.

First conceived of last year for Record Store Gay, the duo recorded a cover of Open Your Heart by Human League  and in the subsequent months have been busy working on original material, with a sparse scattering of live appearances at the likes of Fading Light Festival and the Grand Social.

Now, with debut single ‘Home’, the pair are continuing their creative partnership in an electro-pop vein, utilising familiar tropes of both their other projects to attain a cut-up, synthesised dominant vocal dynamic, deeply enriched with melodic tones and emotive themes.

It’s impressive stuff..