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Special: Come All Ye Faithful

Monday night, our second week as Sin E’s resident eavesdropper. Open mic night throws up a host of curve balls including a ukulele touting Spanish girl plucking out catchy little ditties in her native tongue. A garage band from Chile who got so progressively heavier during their set they seemed like a different band leaving the stage, quite the achievement when you consider they only played three songs. No comedians this week…well except for the maracas player who didn’t feel it was necessary to join his bandmate on stage, playing along from his seat in the crowd instead.

Chilean rockers El Sueno Del Otros were the first new faces to take to the stage this week. Complete with a Dave Grohl clone on sticks they tore through their set, starting off catchy power pop before morphing into something much heavier. A tight, accomplished trio setting the bar high for the evening’s proceedings. Copper Fox were next up, a guitarist/singer combo with the onstage rapport of Wayne and Garth playing all their own stuff with ‘Bringing You Down’ a highlight.  No sooner had they stepped off stage that the singer could be heard lamenting ‘I remember them lyrics now’ seeing the humour in a slight on-stage hiccup.

Martin O’Mahoney, fingering genius. I’m referring of course to Martin’s dexterity upon the fret board rather than any suggested indiscretions in some Tipperary school disco or other. ‘This is Why Things Fall Apart’ showcased his full range of bending, hammering and popping to spellbinding effect.

This week’s featured act was The Ya Ya Vuze who rode out a little amp trouble to deliver a storming set of sleazy rock’n’roll. Their lyrics packed full of on-the-rip references, opener ‘She’s Going Down’ includes the line “She dropped a dress size doing drugs every night”. Every song has a clear narrative, sex, shit job, getting stratospheric at the weekend. All the good stuff, think The Jam’s Setting Sons era for a thematic match up. Only more swearing…way more swearing. Singer Fergie McLin’s vocal chords, drenched in the depths of every late night drink in his lyrics, made for the perfect delivery.

You have to admire a band who choose a phrase for their name. We Cut Corners, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead etc are not the catchiest of names. Add to that list We’ve Found The Bottom, a punchy three-piece with songs that shift pace and style sharply making them impossible to pin down. Their second song ‘Rectangle’ meshed angular guitar lines with rock-a-billy drums with surprisingly thrilling results. Towards the end of their set the singer revealed that this was their first venture out of the bedroom, making their performance all the more impressive.

Another week, another stellar line up yet completely different to last week. Long may it last. We’ll be earwigging for the next four weeks so if you like what you hear or want to pedal your own musical wares get down to Sin E Mondays at 8.30.

This week’s featured tracks are:

Martin O’Mahoney – ‘This is Why Things Fall Apart’

The Ya Ya Vuze – ‘She’s Going Down’

We’ve Found The Bottom – ‘This Fox Don’t Mind’

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