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Special: Come All Ye’ Faithful

It’s our third Monday soaking up sounds at Sin E’s weekly open-mic. It’s a full house again and there are more quality original songs than you can shake maracas at. Our first week set a daunting standard, to the credit of Dublin’s wandering minstrel community it’s been maintained, maybe even exceeded at times. So much so that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get stage time and choose featured tracks each week but we’re certainly not complaining.

Now, imagine an alternate universe where men possessed the biological capabilities to procreate without women…stick with me here. If by chance on some magical moonlit night (I’m assuming this parallel dimension has at least one moon) Michael Buble and Thom Yorke bumped uglies the resultant love-child would sound like Shane May. A whistled intro imposes an immediate catchiness to Shane’s first song ‘Knocking At My Door’ which goes swinging through an armoury of seventh chords without ever eluding his theatrical singing range.

Next up is Wrong Kid who also played during our first week in Sin E. On that occasion their delicate boy/girl harmonies were slightly overcome by Blue Moon’s orange peel and coriander charm. This week they’re boy/girl/boy with an extra guitar, who knows what they’ll turn up with next time? If the childlike sweetness of ‘Gumdrop’ is anything to go by it’ll probably be a fluffy kitten, a Care Bear or a big lollipop. Infectiously melodic, nursery rhyme déjà vu.

Featured act The Cavaliers crank things up a couple of notches, a tight young trio peddling quality original material from start to finish. Stephen Keogh’s all round ability as a front man is particularly impressive; the variety and ambition in his guitar playing brings a real diversity to their set. His assertive vocal delivery backed by the band’s chunky rhythm section make for the perfect dirty little rock’n’roll band.

Venus de Vilo brings a unique touch of horror/comedy to proceedings with a ‘loving tribute’ to the willingness to walk away of previous boyfriends, the subtly titled ‘Stalk Me’.

Maire Carr breaks down another songwriting taboo with her lyrics which heavily suggest some sort of foot fetish, but the quality of her ‘Gun In My Hand’ and ‘Tippy Toes’ is undoubted. The former a diaphanous jazz-tinged lament about shooting yourself in the foot, metaphorically speaking of course, the latter built on a creeping guitar line. Both harness the alluring quality of Carr’s voice.

No new fangled fetishes for Tullamore’s Niamh Dooley whose songs are just about good old fashioned sex. Missionary, no messing. Certainly not occupational, as emphatically stated in Dooley’s second song ‘I’m Not Your Girl’, a bluesy boundary outline. Another enticing female voice turning the place into some sort of sirens’ lair, a boat full of sailors dropping anchor in the Liffey outside Sin E wouldn’t have been overly surprising.

More impressive axemanship on show from Eoin Martin next, his right hand a flurry across the strings for ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ before pulling his horns in a bit, utilising his guitar’s percussive elements for ballad ‘Harriott’.

Three weeks down, three to go. Another great night of original music at Sin E. Join us next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

That’s Monday at 8.30 in Sin E for anyone under 30.

This week’s featured tracks are:

Shane May – ‘Knocking At My Door’

Wrong Kid – ‘Gumdrop’

The Cavaliers – ‘I Got You’

Niamh Dooley – ‘I’m Not Your Girl’

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