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Special: Come All Ye’ Faithful

“and now the end is near…”

It’s our last week here at Sin E’s open-mic Monday. In six weeks we’ve seen it all, bands so young their mother sits in the front row waiting to take them home, a husband and wife combo, beatboxers, comedians, a Chilean garage band, drunks in dribs and drabs and some fucking great songs.

We’ve been blown away by the eclectic mix of talent on show every week. Some performers come every week without fail, impressing each time; others make one enigmatic appearance before disappearing again into the nighttime Liffey fog. Either way we’ve always come away having seen something of real substance. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, dross has visited on occasion but there’s been more to shout than grumble about.

After a month and a half there are many familiar faces, though this week there are just two fresh fish. Andy Kelly makes his battered old telecaster sing the blues, taking inspiration from Hendrix’ use of the thumb instead of barring with the index finger to allow for more fluent lead lines, he gives a nursery in guitar playing.

The other new signing Ronan Boland showcases his intricate songwriting with a delicate finger picking style. Ronan makes a bit of a shaky start by dropping the mic, in the realm of hip hop this tactic can provide a full stop to a great performance, doing it at the start of an open mic slot doesn’t produce quite the same effect. Original ‘June’ stands out in particular, a good old fashioned ode to the helplessness of being in love. Quality tunes, delivered sombrely.

Over the last couple of weeks there’s been a competition between Wrong Kid and Megaray, Lynchie and The Blast to see who can produce new songs with the greatest frequency. Yet again they both come up trumps; Wrong Kid’s ‘Stationary Love’ is all about the band’s harmony arsenal and sense of melody…and office supplies. ‘Dance Riot’ is a spiky ska-influenced bop about the lost tradition of Dublin’s dancehalls by Megaray and co.

Maurice Burns is back for the first time since opening week; performing three of his own tunes once again he rings the room’s collective bell. Then he disappears in an enigmatic puff of smoke like a songwriting ninja. If you ever get the chance to check out Maurice’s set, do not pass it up.

It’s been a great six weeks; we’d like to thank everyone who performed during our stint. Thanks to Sin E for having us, particularly Chris for nice pints, great pizza, even the awful coffee. This feature wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Russell, organiser, sound engineer, performer and self-confessed bad man.

Okeydoke, we’ll leave it there so.

This week’s featured tracks are:

Wrong Kid – ‘Stationary Love’

Maurice Burns – ‘South of the Sea’

Ronan Boland – ‘Jume’