by / May 4th, 2016 /

Track Premiere: Conor O’Malley – Song for the Others

Irish artist Conor O’Malley needs to be celebrated. Having performed across the Dublin and London scenes for over 15 years, he is a well accomplished soundsmith and lyricist, composing beautiful pieces of folk balladry absolutely littered with depictions of urban observation which we hopelessly ignore in our daily lives.

This latest single ‘Song for the Others’ is spirited, energetic and ultimately hopeful, teasing us in expectation of his upcoming City and the Soul album. In ‘Song for the Others’ O’Malley tells of “the road to hell with good intentions” and laments “no more mother’s tears again”. There are missed memories, passing trains, and people we can never forget; themes which have become a staple of his repertoire. Folk storytelling is alive alongside contemporary piano and strings, with vocal melodies rising heartfelt and passionate as the track crescendos in singalong bliss.

We need to be celebrating our little known Irish artists. Today the best is recorded by purists who empty their pockets to dedicate everything to their art. Get it out there. Tell your friends. Let’s celebrate our homegrown.

City and the Soul follows 2013’s Dreamland Arcades, a collection of Irish-in-England folk-rock ballads. You can find other music from Conor O’Malley here.

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