by / March 18th, 2016 /

Track Premiere: Contour – Opression

When we select our twenty Faces of each year, we’re very keen that the relationship lasts way beyond January. So it’s with great pleasure that we bring you this new track by electro warriors Contour (photographed for State by Olga Kuzmenko). Explaining the background to the song, the band say it is about “how all too often, women are stuck in a vicious cycle of low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, sexual harassment and addiction as a result of negative gender stereotypes and body image oppression enforced by the patriarchal social system and the media. It is like the stream of thought of the wild spirit who tries to face some of the issues associated with this cycle and to reach out to others who feel the same”. Not your usual dance floor banger and all the better for it. By it here.