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State's Videos of the Week: Courtney Barnett, Lisa Hannigan, The Julie Ruin & More

This week I was devoured by something other than my dedicated search for new, interesting music videos. I got caught up in the thrill and the mystic that is competitive eating videos, all of which were soundtracked by hardcore skateboard rock. I watched Matt Stonie undertake the most outrageous food challenges – eating 12 pints of ice-cream, hoovering six plates of pasta in sixty seconds – which rarely clocked in at under ten-thousand calories. Some people find these videos disgusting, but weirdly I think they’re remarkably fascinating. I was fascinated to see how someone so dedicated to their craft, whether it’s eating or making music, pushes themselves to always create and achieve something greater than what has come before. Lisa Hannigan unveiled her exquisite single ‘Fall’ to come from her forthcoming album, At Swim, which is due for release in a matter of weeks. It is unlike anything that Hannigan has released before and I feel like it will broaden and increase her fanbase, and it is most deserved because this song really is as stupendously marvellous as watching a skinny guy in his early twenties eat twenty-five Big Macs in twenty-two minutes.

Courtney Barnett –  ‘Elevator Operator’ (Milk! Records)

I happened upon this video partly by accident and mostly in the midst of a scurry to find something I really wanted to watch. I was so excited that I had to look again, almost polishing my eyes when I saw that Courtney Barnett had just released a video for ‘Elevator Operator.’ This is possibly my favourite song from the Melbourne singer’s excellent high energy award winning album from last year, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Think. A very genuine exclamation of, “Amazing!” instantly slipped out of my mouth. As the video began to play with a geographically challenged Sleater-Kinney sitting on a park bench as Barnett, dressed as an elevator operator (didn’t see that coming, did you?), rushes by to start her shift and encounter all the strange and wonderful people that use the lift throughout the day. This is a truly excellent and enjoyable video, with lots of fun cameos and a final scene of Barnett and her band thrashing out the end of the song on a roof. If you have an irrational fear of elevators, like I did, this video will dispel any caution you may exercise before entry.

Lisa Hannigan – ‘Fall’ (Hoop Recordings)

Lisa Hannigan is a stunning individual. She has been captivating the senses of her audiences, at home and globally, for nearly fifteen years since her debut on former collaborator Damien Rice’s album, O  which was released in 2002. Over the last few weeks, in almost every conversation I’ve had, people will suddenly mention how incredible Lisa Hannigan’s new material is. It seems as though she has romanced the ears of the people once again with her unique vocal style. ‘Fall’, was my introduction to her new direction, and I can fully appreciate the excitement of everyone I have spoken to about this visceral and haunting sound. On a slightly unrelated note, one of my favourite things to do is read through the comments of articles and videos, just to keep up to date with the mentality of my cyber contemporaries, and the stream of thoughts born from this ethereal video did not disappoint. My favourite and, despite the language barrier, most accurate input came from the user, Flakeyjohn. He said, “I missed her much glad to see and hear her voice, [it’s] like oxygen for my lungs.”

The Julie Ruin – ‘I’m Done’ (Hardly Art)

Bright ensembles, karaoke, a marvellous utilisation of green screens and Kathleen Hanna blasting internet trolls that write mean comments from their armchair. ‘I’m Done’ follows The Julie Ruin’s previous single, ’I Decide’, affirmative song titles from forthcoming album, Hit Reset. This single harks back to the 90s pop-punk that lyrically would lash out at music journalists, the now lesser evil to the billions of people with the ease of access to an electronic alphabet waiting to be configured in a slew of unnecessarily cruel sentiments. Hanna’s punchy vocals and uninhibited artistry throughout the video is either perfect bait for people to be negative for the sake of it, or hopefully, will make trolls grow up and get off their armchair.

Francis and the Lights – ‘Friends’ (KTTF Music)

This was the music video to generate the most online buzz with Francis Farewell Starlite having to take to Twitter to address accusations that he was ripping of Bon Iver’s vocals. A strange cameo of Kanye West at the start of the video wistfully looking into the camera, once again proves that he is the busiest man in the universe as he continues to prosper as, in his words, “the voice of this generation.” Ironically, West is very quiet throughout this video, and the focus is on Francis and the Lights’ current single ‘Friends.’ Jake Schreier directed this clean, uncomplicated video in one take with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) lending a vocal to the song and doing a spot of dancing. Vernon and Frankie Starlite impress with a synchronised dance that includes a mild touch of dabbing, and if we have learnt anything from Euros 2016 and Pogba’s goal celebrations, it is that if you are going to do something, in this instance a dance, do it with a dab.

Notable #TB Mention… Music Video GOALS.

Myles Manley – ‘Pay Me What I’m Worth’ (Trout Records)

I never thought I would be so sad about the end of the Euro 2016 championship. In a strange way, it felt as though football fans from across the world became one big team. There was the collective elation when both Ireland and Northern Ireland gained surprise victories and equally, everyone shared the joy when underdogs Iceland and Wales made it so far in the tournament. It was a really lovely time, and now it comes down to France and Portugal. I’ll have my candle lighting for France whom I hope will be as skinny and triumphant as Myles Manley’s vintage Arsenal side in the Bob Gallagher directed video, released in February of this year. Let us also imagine Giroud and Griezmann in a similar changing room scenario at the end.