by / November 9th, 2016 /

Video Premiere: Damola & Max Zanga – ‘An Abundance of Lucy’

Inspired by John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines, two of Ireland’s most promising hip hop artists, Damola and Max Zanga (Tebi Rex) have teamed up to create ‘An Abundance of Lucy’, billed as “an alternative vision of the trap sound currently sweeping the global music scene”. Representing the evolving eclecticism of Word Up Collective, ‘An Abundance of Lucy’ showcases the lyrical prowess of Zanga, the track’s chief writer, while confirming Damola’s impressive track record.

An uncomplicated cut of profuse rhythmic appeal, the track pays tribute in kind to Zanga’s dating past – “I happened to have dated six girls named Lucy and it’s about how one would react if they ran into an ex that they were still very much into, taking a nonchalant approach of “I don’t care, I’m doing so good, look at me” while at the same time being very interested in what they’re doing and very much still being into them. Think of the song as the embodiment of ego over substance”.

In any case, an impressive co-op from two rising artists, with a fitting video to boot (shot by Openbin Productions).