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Dan Hegarty Column: Recession Confessions

There are two words that have been in my head for the past hour or two – -cricket’, and the new buzz word of the year (and years to come unfortunately), -recession’. Few things make me flick past a channel faster than cricket, so the chances of a cricket-themed album hitting me for six weren’t looking particularly good until the team of Thomas Walsh (Pugwash), and Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) did just that.

Combining their considerable song writing talents as The Duckworth Lewis Method, the duo have come up with a truly inspiring self-titled album. I can’t quite picture myself becoming a converted fan of the not-so beautiful game, but as albums go, I’ve another that I’m going to be enjoying for quite some time.

Let’s get back to that other word, recession. You can’t even call it the elephant sitting in the corner because this elephant is sitting right on top of us! I’ve managed to find some pretty good distractions though, albeit momentary ones. The prospect of seeing Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fever Ray, and Jane’s Addiction at Oxegen; along with Amadou & Mariam, Low Anthem, and ESG at the Electric Picnic have had me in a pretty decent mood recently.

The question that has been asked on a number of occasions is ‘have live music’s days of grace ground to a halt?’ There’s no straight answer to this, but temporarily it has to be said, yes they have. Less money translates to less people attending gigs: it’s a simple equation that explains why both festivals (and so many other live events) have seen slower ticket sales than they might have hoped.

Lightening the mood ever-so slightly, Portuguese solo experimentalist The Legendary Tigerman continues his enchanting voyage to discover the middle-ground between Dick Dale, Dylan, and the White Stripes. His latest album Masquerade also continues with what seems like an obsession with naked women – the album’s art will get your attention faster than most!

In the meantime, here are some tunes worth a listen:

Wavves – ‘Weed Demon’
Speech Debelle – ‘The Key’
The Holy Roman Army – ‘Elegy’
Yppah – ‘Playing With Fireworks’
Realisms – ‘Tarnished’
Broken Records – ‘If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It’
Super Extra Bonus Party (Feat: MayKay) – ‘Eamonn’
Cortney Tidwell – ’17 Horses’
Le Galaxie – ‘Maneater’ (from the Sparks N Mind album)

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  • colm ó colm

    they might sell more tickects if they lowered their rip off prices, people cant afford to be ripped of anymore. maybe aldi could do a deal, spend 200euro on shopping and get a free day pass to oxegen!