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Dance/Electronic roundup Nov 2009

Manchester duo Demdike Stare combine deep Techno and horror movies on their two self-titled EPs. It’s Volume 2 you want. The tracks have a Berlin feel to them, think deep, dubbed-out Techno like Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, etc. The stand-out track on EP Vol. 2 is -Haxan’, which takes its inspiration from the legendary 1922 witchcraft documentary of the same name by Danish director Benjamin Christensen.

Occasionally, Demdike Stare do away with conventional backing tracks and stray into library music territory as with the sublime -Extwistle Hall’ – pure Hammer House of Horrors soundtrack – or the sinister Voodoo drums on -Conjoined’. The heads behind this unusual project are Miles Whittaker of Pendle Coven and MLZ fame plus Sean Canty of the blissfully esoteric Finders Keepers label.

Closer to home, Keep Schtum is Dublin-based DJ Michael McKenna. He’s got two self-titled 12’s of Disco edits out at the moment. It’s the one with the red ink stamp we’re talking about here. Go straight to the B-side and play -Do It Anyway You Wanna’ with its Disco Rock bass and drums, vamping organ and just a hint of that old Bob Marley & The Wailers sound. -I Want You For Myself’ on the A-side is a mellow, bass heavy Disco Funk track with a nice long build-up. Both tracks are very slick and EQed for maximum bass pressure on any system.

DJ Jus Ed combines the stripped down rhythms of Chicago House with the metallic edge of Detroit. His tracks don’t bow to any trends or fads. Uncompromising, stripped bare underground tracks that groove like there’s no tomorrow. Jus Ed has released a steady stream of 12’s and an album since 2007 from his base in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a short drive from New York. His latest release is the three-track -Minimal Soul EP’. It kicks off with -Project 255 GV Deep Tech’, a banger with an eerie church bell sample. -Project 255′ goes nicely with Ben Klock’s remix of Deepgroove’s -The Clock’. Flip for the slightly slower, haunted techno landscape of -Games Dub’ by Ed’s mate, New York DJ Levon Vincent.

Newcomer C.R. Zero gives the -Knightrider Theme’ the UK Funk treatment on the white label -Walk With Me EP’. You get three solid Soca-flavoured tracks with some cool percussion and glockenspiel and one electro house number. This is fresh uptempo gear for all of you who like to look beyond a straight four-to-the-floor beat.

Finally, it’s time to leave the underground: -Anyway’ by Duck Sauce looks like it will be the big floor filler for the upcoming Christmas party season. Duck Sauce are House veteran Armand Van Helden – Him of -You Don’t Know Me’ fame – and Baltimore Funk maverick A-Trak. The two have sampled the Disco classic “I Can Do It (Anyway You Want)” by Final Edition and stuck the loop on top of a very French sounding House track. It’s cheesy, it’s clunky, it’s been done before, but it’s highly addictive.