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Dance/Electronic roundup Sept 2009

Tired of uninspired Michael Jackson mash-ups? Good old Jacko had a life before -Billie Jean’ and the Moxie crew have dusted off some trusty breaks by the Jackson 5 that used to rock Bronx block parties back in -73/’74.

Credited to the High Five as the -artists’, -Ain’t No Words’ is a massively extended edit of -Hum Along And Dance’, a track from the Jackson 5’s G.I.T. – Get It Together album from 1973 that rang in the funky period of the Jackson brothers after their earlier bubblegum soul exploits. Also check out High Five’s -Dancing Machine’ on the flip, which squeezes the Jackson 5’s 1974 single -Life Of The Party’ into a fast paced groove and reduces the mawkish vocals of the original to some well placed shouts.

Is it really five years since the first slab of Hyperdub vinyl appeared out of Brixton? The label with the logo that resembles a screenshot from Tetris is so bang on the zeitgeist that it seems to exist outside the normal time-space continuum. The first Hyperdub single, Kode 9’s ‘Sine Of The Dub’ (a stripped down, bass-ridden cover of Prince’s ‘Sign Of The Times’), dates back to 2004. Virtually every transmission from the Brixton HQ since then has been a timeless piece of urban style.

Burial, Zomby, LD, LV, Joker, Quarta 330 – Hyperdub’s artist stable reads like tags of graffiti writers and like the best graf artists, their work is iconic. Short three, four minute explosions of sound. Hyperdub moves on and morphs after every release. Yet there is a definite label sound to their catalogue. The compilation 5 Years Of Hyperdub documents Hyperdub’s evolution and is due out in October.

Ben Klock is one of Berlin’s most revered DJs with a residency at the legendary Berghain club where, the party starts for good at 6am in the morning. Ben’s own debut album is a bit more hesitant than his trademark, banging DJ sets. So the good people at the Ostgut label have called in the remix cavalry. The Remixes EP features a banging -Goodly Sin’ by Robert Hood, an icily stunning -Subzero’ by Function and Regis and an alright -OK’ by Kenny Larkin.

The 12’ -Versus’ on Cadenza is split between Techno bod Luciano and Swiss geezer Lee Van Dowski. -Arcenciel’ by Luciano and Guy Gerber takes a fresh look at the ailing Ambient genre. It grooves like a beast and is a million miles away from the stuff that gets piped into boutique hotel bars. Van Dowski and Glimpse deliver -La Cocina Del Cabron’ on the flipside. This little Afro meets Brazil monster is easily the funkiest thing to come out of Switzerland since Yello.

The title of End Of The Summer Record 2009 goes to Peter Visti’s double header ‘Late Night Balearic Monster‘ b/w ‘El Ritmo Del Mar’ on Eskimo. Spanish guitars, sunset-perfect breaks and a chugging monster rhythm on the ‘Late Night Balearic’ side. Pure Ibiza vibe without the cheese. Play it anywhere, but play it loud.

Christian also runs Watch out for his new weekly night in the main bar of The Village called Micro Kitchen every Tuesday with City Discs. Some mixes are on Mixcloud.