by / February 23rd, 2016 /

Special: David C. Clements and the making of ‘The Longest Day In History’

It wasn’t so long ago that we fell in love with the studious soliloquies of David C. Clements‘ My Dear Mother EP, and now less than four months later, Clements has released his new full-length album The Longest Day In History. From what we’ve heard of the record so far, it builds on the foundations first laid down on November’s release, evolving that style of ethereal, anthemic indie/folk fusion that its composer so readily made his own. Keep an eye out for the full review later this week, but in the meantime, State is pleased to bring you this exclusive behind the scenes documentary showcasing the making of The Longest Day In History, which features intimate takes, discussions, debates and cuts from the Belfast singer-songwriter, in all their captivating intricacy.

Without much further ado, feast your eyes and ears on ‘The Sound of The Forest Choir’ by Gregg Houston of Babysweet Sessions.