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Interview: DSNT’s Oisin O’Brien

“We throw visually intense techno parties, release records & love doof.”

There’s a wonderful simplicity to DSNT. Not for one second am I suggesting that running a label and event is easy. Far from it. I’m merely highlighting that the no frills, anti-hipster atmosphere that the concept maintains is beautifully direct. We’re not here for a warm up; we’re here to go mental.

Nearly five years has passed since DSNT’s inception. In that time the label has released work from a host of esteemed techno artists, such as Joefarr and Truss, consistently raising the bar with every project. Founder Oisin O’Brien has always possessed a passion for the raw, heavy sound. With DSNT the creative has become the architect of a platform to which his warmest devotions call home.

The art of the visually profound techno party is one that DSNT have mastered. Having also founded local arts collective Guerrilla Shout, Oisin has united his craft under an umbrella of creativity.

We caught up with Oisin to talk early inspiration, stand out moments and connecting on a social level.

What was the early inspiration for DSNT? How big did you see it becoming?

It was always our goal to champion a rawer, harder sound. Early influences would have came from crusty Front Page parties & going to Bangface Weekender. I originally started running a breakcore party, but decided the scope was too limited. Oscar Mulero & Ancient Methods at Life Festival was definitely a techno turning point for me; it was no return after that.

How has the event series evolved in your eyes since the very beginning? Can you recall the very first DSNT party?

Yeah I can actually, we had Neil Landstrumm play live & Dave the Drummer & Kanji Kinetic play for us to a sold out bunatee. You can listen to a recording of Neil’s set here.

How has it evolved? Well we actually know what we’re doing now which helps and the scene is a lot healthier – AVA festival has played a big part in this in terms of giving people access to top quality electronic music a lot easier. Generally there is more of a hunger for banging music now.

Any stand out moments from the parties over the course of the last five years?

One of my all time favourite moments was Sunil Sharpe & AnD back to back in a rammed after party rinsing it out. At one stage we had to stop the music and they came back on with EDMX – ‘Cerebrus’ and I remember thinking “fuk ye, thats wat ya want”. That was actually the same night some knob fly kicked one of the turntables in Voodoo, who even does that?! Also building a giant cross & projection mapping it during Easter while Bleaching Agent & Perc played was pretty funny. More recently Paula Temple absolutely wrecked LUMEN004, Brockweir at 155bpm at the end of the night was insane! I was egging her on to bang it more and more, and she absolutely delivered. We did a party in London’s Corsica Studios too which was mad, loadsa rowdy Irish ones going in hard from the start and closing with AnD & Sunil Sharpe B2B at 6.30am…. YAAAAAA.

You’ve clocked tracks on the label from the likes of Truss and Joefarr, are there any releases that stand out in your mind?

That release was super heavy, JoeFarr is an absolute legend. Totally love the remix Monster X did for DSNT002, the sound design on it is sick and we have used it on a rake of installations.

The Belfast crowd ties in wonderfully with the event. They’re known for being a rowdy bunch. What is so special to you about a Belfast gig?

All the YEOS and the fact that people actually dance. Some people are so hipstered out in London that they have disappeared up their own arses and forgotten how to dance.

Not only have you collaborated with a host of incredible producers, but you have linked up with visual artists such as Hoodbats and Belfast graffiti artist ANCO. How important is it that the label maintains this artistic connection? Art can be used to convey powerful messages, is this something DSNT aims to do?

Yeah definitely, in terms of connecting with issues on a social level as well it’s really important for us. We recently commissioned a t-shirt from Punk artist Pogger of Milo Yiannopoulos [far-right blogger, post-truth enthusiast, Trump campaign helper & general wanker] getting munched by zombies. It’s pretty funny, if you haven’t seen his interview on Channel 4 watch it, you’d love it if someone did a big shite in his cereal.

Has the techno scene in Belfast evolved since DSNT’s creation?

There is definitely a lot more of a hunger for it, I remember when we first started bringing in Funktion1 & a sick lighting rig for Oscar Mulero and around 80 people showing up… it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I think people are way more on it with music now and it’s much easier to connect with them through social media.

Can you tell us a little about what to expect from the two world premiere AV shows with Mord Records?


The event at the end of the month will also play host to two rooms curated by fellow Belfast concepts Thursdaze and Inside Moves. How important is it to you to collaborate with local platforms?

We have worked very closely with both Thursdaze & Inside Moves for ages now, with me developing the brand for Thursdaze and loads of their marketing & visual content and with Inside Moves doing the visuals for most of their parties.

Any other future projects you can tell us about?

DSNT005 is being released pretty soon with AnD, Eomac, Fran Hartnett & Sunil Sharpe. Every track is absolutely sick and we’re pretty happy to have original tracks from artists that are at the forefront of Irish Techno.

DSNT are throwing a party to celebrate their fifth anniversary on January 27th to celebrate half a decade since their birth.  It’s set to feature two world premiere visual shows in collaboration with Bas Mooy’s Mord Records, and two Belfast debuts in the form of Ansome and Defekt. The line up is a monster. The Mord label head will also perform, and there’s more from Myler, Nez & Dallas, Cave DJ’s, Kapoor, Hubie Davison, Borrowed Identity and G. Boo. Find out more here.