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Mix: Top Story: Dubstep February Mix – Duffstep

State’s dubstep mix series returns with a contribution from special guest Jeremy Duffy aka Duffstep whose debut LP Getting to Sirus is released this month on his Join The Dots label. His live act has seen him perform alongside Kode 9 and Shackleton, definitely an act to watch for 2011.

Check out his genre bending mix and learn more about Duffstep in the interview below.

MP3: Dubstep February Mix – Duffstep


Elan – I Can’t Breathe
Mosca – Tilt Shift (Duffstep Edit)
Aardvarck – Nosestep (Cosmin TRG Remix)
Altered Natives – Heavenly Melodies
Altered Natives – The Rain
Kasper – So Right (Gerd’s Old School Remix)
Ladzinski – Outside Chance
FaltyDL – I’m Gonna Show You Somethin’
Headhunter – Chasing Dragons
Martyn And Mike Slott – All Nights
George Fitzgerald – Don’t You
Sepalcure – Your Love
Salva – Wake Ups
Tom Trago – Lost In The Streets Of NYC

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself- when did you start producing music?
My name is Jeremy Duffy…. hence ‘Duffstep’. I started at a really young age, about 11 on an actual computer and messing about on instruments before that. I signed my first track when I was 18 so I guess I started properly around then.

You’re a bit of a newcomer to the scene yet you’ve just finished your first album – what attracted you to put out an LP?
Two summers ago I had to get a job in the city to survive, which of course was very frustrating when all I wanted to do was make music and party. It took up so much time that I wasn’t doing anywhere near the amount of music making I wanted. One day I just quit with no backup apart from the tunes and I wrote that album in a month on headphones between lots of overnight sessions as to not disturb my housemates. The tracks all came of that time and just seemed to work really well as an album so I decided that would be the case.

There’s an A/V element in your live show, what’s it going to look and sound like? Can you give us more details about this?
There’s vids of it on Vimeo. We’ve just started it so we are always adapting it and will continue of course. The main set up at the moment is a four screen / four projector one, two bigger screens behind me and smaller ones in front which sync up to each other. Rebel Overlay and I have worked closely together to really hone in on creating visual elements of the music, represented by shapes and movements that are sometimes even as detailed as representing individual elements within the music.

Duffstep Live Audio Visual Feb 2011 from Join The Dots on Vimeo.

You’ve got a gig coming up with Animal Collective in Switzerland – are you a fan? Do you like performing alongside non-dubstep acts?
Yeah I like Animal Collective lots, very much looking forward to that one – it’s the main stage too!?
As much as my name might suggest to people that I’m a Dubstep act I don’t really see myself as one, just electronic music! I don’t mind performing alongside anyone really as long as they aren’t hideous. I mean their music not their face. Ugs are OK too.

Getting to Sirus comes out on Valentines Day – would it make a good gift for my girlfriend?
I must say, there are some real sexy tracks in there (If I do say so myself) but I’m not sure your girlfriend would appreciate it, maybe I’ll do you a signed copy then she might 😉

Duff Disco is another project you’re working on- what’s that about?
It’s generally for more disco, slo-mo and deep house type stuff. I do a run of edits only on vinyl and original stuff too.

I started around the same time i started the Duffstep project, I make loads of different styles of music and thought it was best to separate them a bit, or maybe it’s my twin brother?

There are a lot of different influences going on in your music – can you pick a few key artists who’ve inspired you?
I get asked about this loads and I find it hard to answer. Firstly probably because I have a slow access to my memory and secondly I’m not massively sure who has directly influenced me. It’s generally the rare occasions when a party is so ‘off the hook’, when the music is so good for hours and hours and doesn’t die down that leaves me inspired. There is some really good artists out there but it is rare that i’m fully blown away, where I physically feel so attached. One artist that did this for me on numerous tracks is Flying Lotus.

London is seen as the centre of the dubstep scene – what’s it like being in the middle of such a melting pot?
I’ve grown up in London so think i probably take it for granted – I guess I’m fortunate that there is always a party worth going to each weekend.

What else are you looking forward to in 2011?
Touring and pushing my label Join The Dots forward.

Tell us a bit about the mix you made for us.
Just some bits i’m feeling at the mo, similar to what I might play in a DJ set. Enjoy x