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Electric Picnic ’12: 5 to see….dance acts

The Gardai have been chastising so-called ‘electric music’ this summer – but Stradbally is no Phoenix Park, and thankfully the Picnic is free of numbskull stadium house. As always, the Picnic dance line-up is a proper jumble sale, taking in all manner of beats and bleeps over the three days. Here’s a list of Friends Electric to tick off with the highlighter pens.

Pat Mahoney (Little Big Stage, Sunday, 7-8pm) / The Juan Maclean (LBS, 8-9pm) / James Murphy (LBS, 9-10.45pm)
It’s a bit of a cheat picking this three-in-one, but we’re predicting some overlapping and back-to-back capers with this four-hour Sunday session featuring LCD Soundsystem pals Murphy and Mahoney, with their DFA cohort in between. Murphy and Mahoney’s Fabric CD and subsequent blog mixes are pointers – Chicago house and Detroit techno next to disco, P-funk, krautrock and anything featuring a ’core or a post-. Everything really. Juan Maclean will dish out the sleek electro in the meantime.

Orbital (Main Stage, Saturday, 12.45am-2.15am)
We’d be dickheads if we left out Orbital because we’re too cool. Daft ‘dad techno’ jibes aside, if you’re after a Picnic ‘moment’, the Hartnoll brothers have an arsenal behind their synth rig. The dreamy ‘Halcyon’ and ‘Belfast’ will have the faithful remembering their first time, while ‘Satan’ still sounds as heavy as Ministry.

SertOne (Body & Soul, Sunday, 11pm)
He’s already reeled State in with performances at Body&Soul and Castlepalooza this summer, and here’s his biggest set yet. The young Portadown producer comes armed with his laptop, a head full of classic hip-hop and reggae, and a knack for churning these old skool tricks into depth charge bass quakes.

Rustie (Sunday, 9.30pm-10.15)
OK, his synth basslines sound like Seinfeld interludes, but Glasgow upstart Rustie switches on the same parts of your brain that fire when you eat a Wham bar – a big sugar rush of skittery beats, rave keys and a plastic cock rock sheen. His fellow Weegie Hudson Mohawke is on just before, if you fancy double-dropping.

Nanu Nanu (Body & Soul, Sunday, 10pm)

Laura Sheeran is playing two shows at Body & Soul this year – one as herself and the other as ‘Glitterface’ – who teams up with Marc II for the alien electro-pop duo Nanu Nanu. Expect punchy synths and performance art theatrics with a dark pop edge. And loads of glitter.

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    Unsurprisingly predictable suggestions from State… I highly recommend
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    standard pish from trigger, unsurprisingly though like.