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Top Story: Electric Picnic ’12: 5 to see…ones to watch

No matter how much we protest otherwise, we all want to be there. That moment when a group of onlookers standing in a near empty field or tent catch a glimpse of the future. When we witness the beginnings of a band or an artist that are bound for critical acclaim before everyone else has crawled their way back to reality from the night before. The Electric Picnic has always prided itself on not only bringing the talent, but helping further it also. The sheer scale of new music at revellers disposal may cause much upset for the music aficionado among us, so here are five new acts to catch in their infancy before you line up behind the other hundreds of punters at their future sold-out shows.

February and Mars
On Sunday evening, when thoughts of the working week start to creep into everyone’s minds and the people in the tent next door aren’t the lifelong friends you thought they were on Friday night, what better to shake off the fugue than some space-age, live disco? Having played island hopping independent event Drop everything back in May and with a new album currently under construction, this is one act to keep locked safely in ear shot, as 2012/2013 is looking set to be a very busy year for the duo.

Managing to sound at once like a classic garage band you somehow missed and as fresh as any current Irish guitar band, Dott have sound-tracked the summer for many music fans. With their style fusing distorted guitars and infectious lyrics, they have proven to be one of the bands to watch on the Irish music scene. They’re the kind of band that listeners want to claim rights to having been first to fall for their quirky charm. The stratosphere beckons.

Although having been in existence since 2006, it was last year’s Glowing Mouth that introduced many to Brookyln natives Milagres’ (pictured) knack for songs that are simultaneously intimate and panoramic. A psychedelic concoction of the electronic and analogue anchored by frontman Kyle Wilson’s soulful, earnest vocals, they promise to be nothing more than effecting on the live stage.

With their release of long-gestating debut album Youth Hunting back in May, Ocho have been getting praise from all angles for their modern, dramatic and technically masterful brand of introspective electronica and it’s not hard to see why. Something akin to the female version of James Blake, front-woman Stace Gill has that unnerving ability to at once mesmerise and haunt, with each beat and piano key spot on the money. Such a striking selection of music for a debut album, this will be one of the performances everyone is talking about when Monday morning rolls around.

Dealing in synth-heavy electronica, Dublin band Ships have made waves in the past twelve months with tracks ‘Two Hearts’ and ‘You’re Gonna Feel It’. With duelling male/female vocals and bass so heavy it should be hanging in a butcher’s window, there is no doubt they will become one of the electronic scenes mainstays over the next twelve months.

SHIPS / You’re Gonna Feel It from Synth Eastwood on Vimeo.