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Top Story: Electric Picnic ’12: 5 to see….pop

Although you wouldn’t automatically associate it with the world of pop, the Electric Picnic is always home to more than the odd sunny moment. This year is no exception, with a variety of left of centre but still uplifting types making an appearance. Here’s State’s pick of the bunch:

Azealia Banks

She’s the saviour of the C-word with the best teeth in the biz, slinging insults and verbal slap downs about with the wild, fearlessness of youth she’s the controversy magnet who also manages to make some bum-trembling tunes on the side. The most entertaining and original rhymes mistress since Missy, she’s a seething, pitch black stew of sass, snappy rhymes, sinister synths and swears, lots of lovely swears. Watch in awe as the masses bend and erupt to the power of ‘212’ as trouser snakes everywhere shrivel up in fear. Make no mistake, she’ll ruin you.


Sadly not named after the doomed Simpsons character, Claire Boucher AKA Grimes is the sweet, sugary name dusting everyone’s lips this year. Her bird-like hiccups may be a bit too fey and cutesy for some but underneath the Michael Jackson annunciation there’s hypnotic, intricate pop-work at play. The lightness of touch and dampness of spirit of Natasha Khan crushing through the grind and industry of the Chromatics, she can weave spell binding moments of dream pop that will be winding their way through your brain for hours to come.

Hot Chip

Perpetual festival fixtures, Hot Chip the aural equivalent of the omni-present, giant noodle stand. If you haven’t got caught up in someone’s sweaty armpit in the crush to bellow out ‘Over and Over’ you haven’t had a proper festival experience. Now doing the rounds to promote State favourite In Our Heads, expect Prince-style funk breakdowns, Balearic re-workings of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’, miniature cymbals, sing-along’s a plenty and smiles spread on every face.


As much fun as you can possibly have in your own backyard. Whip-smart masters of infectious pop delicacies whose debut album shook our shrivelled souls and reunited some dusty dancefloors with thankful feet, Tieranniesaur manage to mash up a dizzying style of avant garde, lo-fi disco that twist and transforms itself from skippy, warped beats into heart bursting, full-lunged mega choruses of the pure pop variety in the blink of a jaded eye. Unabashed day-glo fun featuring a bass player in super short-shorts, what more can you ask for?

Van Dyke Parks

The granddaddy of baroque pop, the archduke of arrangements without this man Brian Wilson’s brightest of dreams would not have been realised, the man who forged the mythic of SMiLE into a reality. Without Van Dyke Parks and his melodic ease, sunshine openness and diverse experimentation on solo albums such as ‘Discover America’ and ‘Song Cycle’ there would be no musical American dream. No desire to bottle the widescreen and epic into the confines of pop. His direct influence on artist such as Sufjan Stevens, Beirut and Jim O’ Rourke make sure those dreams live on but no-one can conjure up the California sunshine quite like the master himself.

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