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Top Story: Electric Picnic 2010 – Rock & alternative

A look at the loud and rock guitar-based acts playing the festival with a few weirder bands thrown in for good measure.

1. Foals (Friday)
A formidable live band, Foals have taken a more layered, subtle approach on current album Total Life Forever, largely leaving behind their original math-rock sound. However, there’ll still be room left for floorfillers like ‘Cassius’ and ‘Balloons’ among their more atmospheric newer material.

2. The Horrors (Sunday)
Regarded as a bad joke by many when they first arrived on the scene with their goth-garage debut Strange House, The Horrors surprised everyone with second album Primary Colours, a superb release that called to mind the distorted guitar textures of My Bloody Valentine when it wasn’t laying down killer Krautrock grooves.

3.Eels (Friday)
No strings attached this time around: Mark ‘E’ Everett and co. are on an assignment to rock out after a rapid-fire trilogy of eels albums in the last year or so. Expect the unexpected: previous eels shows have featured a dancing security guard and the whole band decked out in Unabomber gear.

4.The Redneck Manifesto (Saturday)
The Irish post-rockers’ towering influence is there for all to see in the plethora of like-minded bands that have sprung up domestically in the last few years. Current record Friendship is one of the albums of the year – here’s hoping they get the heroes’ welcome and then some.

5. Modest Mouse (Friday)
The Washington-based indie-rockers have a sizeable Irish fanbase, with their last appearance at EP resulting in one seriously stuffed tent. They have a lengthy back catalogue to cherry-pick from, ranging from desolate atmospherics to spiky anthems to skewed Americana.

6. Here We Go Magic (Friday)
Essentially Massachusetts-born Luke Temple’s project, Here We Go Magic deal in hypnotic, polyrhythmic, Afro-pop influenced tunes that burrow their way into your subconscious. A full band fleshes out their live sound.

7. Archie Bronson Outfit (Sunday)
This trio can do twisted, bristly garage rock like few others. Frenetic riff-heavy tunes rub shoulders with more psychedelic fare.

7. These New Puritans (Saturday)
Current album Hidden is being touted as a game-changer by many: an ominous art-rock record featuring Japanese Taiko drums, a 13-piece brass and woodwind ensemble, and a children’s choir. How this is going to go down live is anyone’s guess, but it’s sure to be interesting.

  • Really looking forward to seeing a lot of these, esp Here We Go Magic -plus there rock acts:

    Black Mountain
    Fang Island
    Butterfly Explosion

    Given the recent Eels output, I’d be very surprised if their show was a rockin’ one – more likely to be a sombre, string-laden affair!

    The Horrors have good songs but are usually awful live…

  • Daniel Harrison

    @ flynndusim

    The Horrors can be erratic. I’m hoping this will be one of their good days.

    As for eels, all the reports so far point to a pretty upbeat show, here’s a recent review someone else did:

    and a recent video of them live:

  • Birneybau

    Yeah, saw Eels in Glasgow last Tuesday and the rocked the fcuking roof off the place.

    Terrible cover of “Summertime” notwithstanding, great gig.