by / August 12th, 2014 /

Faces of August live report and photo gallery

We’ve hosted a range of bands at our Faces nights this year, but it’s safe to say that August’s event is our loudest yet. We start in a mellow mood, however, with Yong Buddha in his solo acoustic guise. A naturally charming performer, he draws the room to him but we’d still like to hear him with more musical back-up – there’s too much potential here to just present it as a one man band.

From here on in, mellow is definitely not the order of the night. Bitch Falcon (pictured) come with a rapidly burgeoning reputation and proceed to enhance it with the third of their four shows this weekend. The joy of these gigs is being stopped in your tracks by something new and it happens again here. Calling on grunge, punk, metal and even Black Sabbath at one point, they already have something special going on. Guitarists Lizzy and Fia work from opposite sides of the stage, trading vocals while bassist Naomi bobs around in the centre, locked in with with drummer Nigel. They are – make no mistake – astounding.

There’s more volume to come, although Punch Face Champions do temper it with the odd quieter moment. Like many of their instrumental brethren, they have a unique musical link that allows them to head off in random directions and yet all end up back in the same place. It’s the perfect companion piece to what’s just gone before, so much so that they’ll do it al over again tomorrow night. Don’t call it a movement but there’s something stirring at the louder end of the scale and you don’t want to miss it.

The next State Faces is on September 6th. 

Photos by Kieran Frost.