by / January 12th, 2011 /

2011: Faces of 2011 – Alarmist

The four guys in Alarmist wasted no time getting themselves noticed on the live Dublin circuit. A handful of shows in places like Bloc-T in Smithfield ignited their reputation as a killer live band. Yes, they’re another instrumental band but rather than taking their cues from rock histrionics, they are clearly inspired by a wider range of sounds. They share similar freneticism to Foals in interlocking melodies, Halves in ambience (Ellis Czerniak of Halves is in the band) and the beguiling notes of Strands.

Check out their first two recorded tracks and look out for an EP in early 2011.

Alarmist play Whelan’s Ones To Watch on Friday, Upstairs in Whelan’s.