by / January 13th, 2011 /

2011: Faces Of 2011 – EleventyFour

EleventyFour first won State’s heart when she brought us a packet of biscuits at last year’s HWCH mentor sessions. She then went on to win everybody else’s by playing live that night. The Cork native is a product of the cabaret as much as the music scene but don’t let that put you off, her songs are just that – real songs that just happen to make you smile. Plus her dad think’s she’s better than Celine Dion and we would hate to disagree. We look forward to her new EP, recorded with Steve Lynch at Stellarsound.

Forklife by eleventyfour

  • Hurray for faces! And 2011 (Twenty Eleventy)! And State! And biscuits!

  • Lolafrazzle

    Eleventyfour is all colourful and creative sprites at work. I smile my little head off every time I see her play.

  • Onwards and upwards for Eleventy can’t wait to hear the EP!