by / February 7th, 2011 /

2011: Top Story: Faces of 2011- Laser Tom & The Blast Crew

Former member of Les Bien and key figure in the Synth Eastwood collective, Simon Cullen’s latest project is the constellation wandering Laser Tom & The Blast Crew – the crew providing funky horns, grooving rhythms and soulful live instrumentation to Laser Tom’s disco jabs and cosmic samples. Signed to Bearfunk since November 2010, ‘Two Sides’ will be their debut single – a slow-burning DFA-esque jam with languid disco-funk beat, piano samples and swathes of brass. ‘By My Side’ and ‘By Your Side’ follow the same laid-back groove pattern with building electronica. Expect remixes by Justus Kohncke and Love Heels and full LP before the end of the year.

By My Side by Lasertom & The Blast Crew

By Your Side by Lasertom & The Blast Crew