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2011: Top Story: Faces of 2011 special State issue

While State loves writing about music online, we still miss the good old days of print when nice-smelling, physical manifestations of our hard work were released into the wild every month. While online has made strides in instant music updates, an old-fashioned layout of large photos and text is something we wish we could still make and explore more often.

Our latest special issue, is our happy medium. An online readable magazine focusing on our Faces Of 2011 bands to watch out for this year, it features original photos from our team of photographers while our writers explain why we think these 25 Irish bands are ones to watch out for in 2011.

Featuring: Retarded Cop, Squarehead, Jennifer Evans, Eleventyfour, Cloud Castle Lake, Bearbones, The Minutes, We Are Losers and more.

Special thanks to Simon Roche, our art director, for putting it all together so beautifully.

  • the decider


  • nice one

  • booo! my amazing photos of Spies aren’t in it cos I wasn’t in the country to mail em in. boooooo! i hope spies become more famous than all the rest in this, boooo etc!

  • YahoooOO! I’m thrilled to be featured alongside these fabarooney music types. G’wan State ya big lovely!

  • Fantastic! All the way out here in Portland, Oregon & Retarded Cop are my new favorite band. Up the RAWK!