by / January 21st, 2011 /

2011: Faces Of 2011 – The Alice Kona Band

The Alice Kona Band were formed in early 2007, when 19 year old Alice Kona decided her music needed to be heard. Answering the advert she placed in the now-defunct Del-Fi magazine, were four young gunslingers by the names of Ryan Wiles, Stuart Gowdy, John Culbert and Daniel P. Hunt. They soon set about learning their instruments, but before they could get any further, tragedy struck. Alice, while on a short trip to Nevada in the summer of 2008, was the passenger in a GTO which veered into a ditch, unfortunately killing everyone in the car. The Alice Kona boys were left with a hard decision as to continue or not. Thankfully, they persevered, scrapping all their previously written material and crafting a catalouge of new songs.”

So goes the Alice Kona Band’s own version of their history. How much of this is true we doubt but we do know that they are yet another fine example of Northern Ireland’s ridiculously vibrant scene. Feeding 60’s garage into a mix of 50’s pop, LA hardcore and 21st century misanthropy, expect a debut EP later this year.

The Alice Kona Band- Go Ask Alice by peesmith