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2012: Top Story: Faces of 2012: Cfit

Initially a solo project for Noel Duplaa, Cfit have developed from a one man band to a trio and now a five piece, with all three incarnations delivering a lush collection of woozy, melancholic anthems.

How did you all meet?

As a lifelong lover of doing things backwards, I recorded a weird complicated multi-instrumental album without any thought of how to play it live. Then when the time came to play it live I was incredibly lucky in managing to know a bunch of talented musicians who I promptly chloroformed.

Where does your band name come from?

It’s an aeronautical term which describes when a plane crashes through pilot error, which was pretty descriptive of how I felt setting out to record an album on my own. And I also love the idea of it being a term that uses carefully chosen language to disguise the horror of something: controlled flight into terrain.

What’s your best song and why?

‘Plausible Deniability’ – on the one hand I still really love it as a song and a lyric, but more than that, despite being the longest song on the album, when it started changing from a cute little tune into a huge beast of a thing in the recording process, it strangely came together faster than anything else on the album and ended up being a little beacon of hope that pushed everything else through.