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2012: Top Story: Faces of 2012: Futures Apart

Drawn together from the rock ‘n’ roll hotspots of Wexford, Ballina and Northamptonshire, the now Dublin-based Futures Apart make the kind of music they like to listen to and take it from there. That music, thus far, comes across like a new romantic take on 21st century indie-pop.

Where does your band name come from?

The name came from us sitting down in our practice space with the idea in our heads that we wanted to say something different, to be set “apart” from the rest. At the time Aaron was looking at using Futurist architectural drawings as a cover for our demo, so I suppose the two words came together that way to say “hey check us out we’re Futures Apart’.

Who or what inspires you?

Every musician out there doing it for the love of it.

What was the strangest thing that happened to you in 2011?

I wished you had asked us what the strangest thing we did in 2010 was because we we’re invited over to an Irish pub in Russia to basically entertain a millionaire who spotted us busking one day in Dublin. He owned a vinegar factory or something, It was a bizarre and at times scary holiday.

Photo: Philip White