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2012: Top Story: Faces of 2012: The Debutantes

Chiming beneath a veil of reverb, the music of The Debutantes is structurally straight-forward indie but shimmers in its own simplicity. Sounding more sun-soaked than their home turf of Galway, the band’s wash of layered noise, hazy vocals and strummed guitars ring out in heart-melting dream pop.

Describe yourselves and your music.

Our music changes a lot from song to song or whim to whim at the moment so I wouldn’t say we have nailed down a particular style. As a rule I suppose it’s guitars soaked in reverb, overdriven bass, simple melodies and driving beats.

Where does your band name come from?

Do you want the cool story or the real story. The cool one is we were listening to ‘Dreaming’ by Blondie and has the line ‘I could tell you were no debutante’ and that’s where we plucked it from. The real story is Paula has all the Gossip Girl box sets and we’d watch that a lot. I thought of the name while having a pint in Grogan’s after spending the morning watching Gossip Girl with her.

Who or what inspires you?

Poster of cats hanging from clothes lines and music, art and friends.

What was the strangest thing that happened to you in 2011?

Getting asked to play Hard Working Class Heroes without having played any gigs. To be fair we did lie on our application and say we had played some.

Photo: Ian Keegan

Gentelmans Wash by TheDebutantes