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2012: Faces of 2012: The Notas

A six member band from North Co. Dublin, The Notas play expansive indie rock in the key of Wu Lyf with dash of Foals. Cranking up the reverb on guitar and deploying electronics the band keep the subtleties in the rhythm section on songs informed by their varying cultural backgrounds – French, Indian, Nigerian, Zimbabwean – and are a truly modern Irish band.

Where does your band name come from?

We had a lot of Spanish people and guys from South America around our area during the summer months and they use Notas as a slang term for being crazy! They called our guitarist Paul a “Notas” all the time and we thought it sounded pretty cool so when the awkward talk about what to name ourselves popped up we decided on that. It was better then Chess Club Virgins, which was one of the names put forward first.

What was the strangest thing that happened to you in 2011?

When we first started as a band we never expected on getting this kind of attention. Most of us couldn’t even play an instrument when we first started so to come from that to being part of State Faces and getting your music played on Phantom is very strange.

What are your plans for the next six months?

Start writing more songs and playing lots more gigs. Hopefully even tour a bit around the country as we have yet to leave Dublin. We have a pact in the band that we must play a festival by the time we’re 20 and most of us are 19 and going on 20 now so we’re hoping we can trick someone into letting us play one or two. After that probably like to record another EP or even an album.

Photo: Ian Keegan

  • Juan Domingos

    I Fucking love these guys ,,i am your biggest fans like seriously..Pls come and gig in Rio in brazil we love you guys here .VIVA THE NOTAS <3

  • Shauna Gray

    Well done 😀 , yous are doing great 😀 , remember me when yous are famous 😛 

  • Dani Lloyd

    These guys are awesome! They desever the best! If people havn’t heard them by now, they’re missing out!! Up the Notas!!! <3

  • Guest

    Woo Awesome Band 🙂 <3

  • Maria tibbs

    Love this band! Great to see such talent locally!! <3

  • Andrea Lacey

    Amazing band and such a lovely group of people, they deserve all the fame and success in the world. Big things are gonna happen in 2012!

  • Katie O’Carroll

    These guys are awsome!! Such good musicians!! Can’t wait to get their album 🙂

  • Nastyfreakz11

    wow only heard of this band today now they are my favourite :O 🙂

  • Steo darby

    Wow really good 1st time listener! when’s the next gig lads?

  • Amy Macken

    Love there music!! So catchy and easy to listen to. Such a lovely group of people also! Cant wait to see what 2012 holds in store for them!!