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2013: Faces Of: Faces Of 2013: Reid

Yet another Cork based Face, Reid is a worthy addition to the growing ranks of Irish producer / musicians. Like his contemporaries, he is no slouch in the beats department but layers his boisterously energetic electronica with a subtly melodic approach. Whether it be producing his own material or applying a magic touch to those of others, his is sound of the moment.

  • Joe Joe

    his music is so boring it is perfect to put a child to sleep, Faces of 2013. were not other sites claiming to propose the same last year, god almighty give me a break from this “emotional bullshit electronica” its nearly as bad as young wonder. this tripe seems to be spreading all over this country. its pretty obvious that you guys dont know the true talent in this country and im sure if you posted any of them up here they would be disgraced.