by / April 30th, 2014 /

Faces of the Week: Hare Squead

The idea of a band that sounds like John Legend meets Jurassic 5 in the guise of Justin Bieber is certainly one that intrigued us here at State. Throw in the fact that the members of said band came together after stints in everything from punk bands to thug rap AND are all aged eighteen at tops and we had to know more. Hare Squead (the Squarehead anagram is a haircut rather than Irish guitar pop reference) hail from the twin suburbs of Tallaght and Blanchardstown and delight in providing unexpected. As versed on instruments as they are on laptops and turntables, they list their interests as skateboarding, vintage shirts, studying for their Leaving Certs, football, chicken fillet rolls and poetry. Quite frankly, what more could we ask for.

Hare Squead play the State Faces of May gig at the Mercantile this Saturday 3rd