by / March 28th, 2014 /

Faces of the Week: Oh Boland

The latest addition to the Popical Island register, Tuam three piece Oh Boland are right at home in the collective of lo-fi popsters. Tapping in the tradition of garage punk in the vein of any self-respecting power trio, they nevertheless put their own spin on the sound. Energy is the key to what makes them fun to be around – a ragged, passionate and spirited approach to thrashing the crap out of guitar, bass and drums. Guided in the studio by Ginnels Mark Chester, the resulting tracks will appear on a suitably old school split cassette with Me And My Dog next month.

Photo: Gary McCafferty

  • AdoLyons

    Going to be an unreal split tape! Great bands, both brilliant live!

  • Roger

    Can’t wait for the split EP!! Both unreal bands!