by / March 11th, 2016 /

Video Premiere: FEMME – Light Me Up

Nothing like a nice slice of mad-decent pop on a Friday is there? Femme’s latest single ‘Light Me Up’ is doing the job with gusto. Bouncy, tight beats and future-bass leanings, paired with Femme’s idiosyncratic lyrical and vocal delivery, the accompanying video sees friends of the singer getting in front of the camera.

Speaking of the project, FEMME says “I wanted to make a video that friends and fans could get involved with and as always my main aim was create a simple and striking video – both conceptually and visually. 

I did not cast the video, I simply asked my fans on various social platforms to arrive at a tiny photography studio in Seven Sisters if they wanted to be in my next video. All they had to do was wear white. I did not ask for photos as I didn’t really want to know who was going to walk through the door.

Off camera I was using various different surprise stimulus to provoke different emotional reactions and facial expressions from each person, with the aim of capturing genuine laughter – each person lighting up – GEDDIT?! They had no idea what was about to happen to them and everyone only got one take.”

‘Light Me Up’ is taken from FEMME’s forthcoming debut album Debutante, which is out April 15th.