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Top Story: Film News: Super hero job slots and Christmas movie shame

Since our last post, Bradley Cooper has been voted the sexiest man alive … such is the crazy world we report from.


Let’s jump right in.

Christmas films a-coming

It’s too early in the month but nothing will stop them. The festive season ‘feel-good’ films. Looking cheesiest of all is Ashton Kutcher in New Year’s Eve. Love Actually has much to answer for, or maybe it all started with Four Weddings…blame aside, it’s looking like another stinker festive-rom-com. The plot (from the trailer) seems to be a whole bunch of famous people pretending to be normal and cynical but we all know that everyone will end up happy in the end, even the ugly single people. And they seemed to have tricked poor old De Niro into it too, which is just cruel.

As for all the Christmas films, let us not forget Santa was invented by coca-cola. The sugariest soft drink of them all. We need to get a bit more gritty realism going on with the end of year films. Shane Meadows and Ken loach should get in on the Xmas blockbuster act and teach the kids a thing or two. If anything I think we will all feel a little better once the credits roll and the protagonist, who should be nice and normal, is still having a shitty time.

What better a selfless act in the spirit of giving then a sort of truth serum, allowing the main characters to remain in unresolved limbo like the rest of us, with no money to buy endless gifts or their love remaining requited at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. A film with not an Aran jumper in sight and people who said they couldn’t make the special dinner due to flight cancellations don’t actually don’t show up at the last minute. Ice-storms and volcanoes actually happen kids.

Batman & Bond now hiring

So Christian Bale is hanging up his Bat wings and Daniel Craig is slipping off his cuff links. So who next? Tom Hardy would’ve been great for both but is already in the next Batman playing the villain Bane. Rumour has it Michael Fassbender is a contender for Bond, he could probably do Batman also, is that allowed? I wouldn’t mind. Jude Law would make a good Bruce Wayne, but could he do Batman? Russel Crowe could easily do Batman but can the man pull off a tux? Tricky, tricky.

Obligatory re-make news

The original Scarface was adapted from a novel for the screen in 1932. Then, after Pacino’s unforgettable turn in the starring role in the 1983 version there wasn’t a plasma screen in sight on MTV cribs that didn’t have Scarface playing. Now it looks like it’s getting a ‘refresh’ with director David Ayer taking the reins. But isn’t cocaine so passé now? Montana will have to be some sort of banker…

Harry Potter to play beat poet Allen Ginsberg?!

That is all.

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