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Festival: Forbidden Fruit – State’s 20 To See

Having sampled the sun over the last few days we know that festival season is nearly upon us. Some call it Summer, some call it that bit between the cold rain and the colder rain. No matter what the sky says, Forbidden Fruit is back to herald the Summer months and as usual we are being treated to a deliciously eclectic line-up. is delighted to pick what we feel are the ripest fruits from the bramble.

2ManyDJs – Original Stage, Sunday

Every festival needs a closing party and, after Chic did the honours in 2013, this year it’s the turn of 2ManyDJs. The weekend will see a lot of gentlemen behind the decks (or more probably laptops) but few will do it on such a grand, crowd pleasing scale as the brothers Dewaele. And if you don’t like one tune, there will be literally one along in a minute.

And So I Watch You From Afar – Original Stage, Saturday

ASIWYFA have been conspicuous by their absence of late, as we learn to share them with the rest of the world following their sublime All Hail Bright Futures album. Having headlined several of last year’s smaller gatherings, Forbidden Fruit will see them face the challenge of connecting with a mid-afternoon outdoor crowd. Piece of cake.

Bell X1 – Original Stage, Saturday

Once inexorably linked with the old school of the Irish scene, the reinvention of Bell X1 has been a masterstroke. Coinciding with their departure of the major label world for control of their own destiny, they now make records that sound completely natural. They won’t be able to repeat their three blokes and one mic act from the Choice Music Prize here but be sure that the same heart and soul will drive them on.

Daithí – Undergrowth Stage, Sunday

With his debut album In Flight just around the corner, the hard work that Daithí has put in over the past couple of years is about to come to fruition. His development from funky young fiddle player to dance maestro has been a joy to behold. Watch him celebrate good times.

Detroit Swindle – Lighthouse Stage, Sunday

Amsterdam natives Lars Dales & Maarten Smeets have been flying the flag for deep house for a while but have been ribbing each other on-stage for just as long. Party getups, pisstakes and energetic dance music. What’s not to love?

Dublin Afrobeat Ensemble – Original Stage, Saturday

Fourteen strong, the DAE are another example of the fast developing multi-cultural identity in Irish music. The tunes might not be familiar to most but once the heavy rhythms and brass kick in you’ll find it hard to resist.

Fuck Buttons – Undergrowth Stage, Saturday

Slow Focus, Fuck Buttons’ 2013 masterpiece has been a revelation for many people. Those who had latched on to Andrew Hung’s and Ben Power’s rhythmic abrasion will no doubt have witnessed them live before but for anybody who hasn’t, don’t miss your chance.

Flying Lotus (pictured) – Undergrowth Stage, Saturday

A 3D show that doesn’t force you to wear those annoying cardboard glasses, Flying Lotus’ Layer 3 promises to melt your mind through the power of lights and visuals alone – plus of course some pretty mean bass work.

Gold Panda – Undergrowth Stage, Sunday

Uk Garage music comes in thousands of guises but barely any of them are as distinctive as Gold Panda’s orient-inspired gems. Forbidden Fruit has attempted to break the mold with its selections this year and all credit to them for including one of dance music’s shining lights of late.

John Heckle – Lighthouse Stage, Sunday

Liverpool producer and DJ John Heckle has built a reputation for formidable live shows. Thanks in part to including drum machines and musical hardware to his three turntables in his live set-up, but thanks mainly to his prodigious ability to blend vinyl and instrumentation.

Klangkarussell – Original Stage, Sunday

Austria may have slightly taken their foot of the pedal with regards musical output in the last few hundered years, but Klangkarussell, or slightly more poetically put Sound Carousel in English, are possibly Austria’s finest export since the country was crowned the World Capital of Classical Music. 2013 hit ‘Sonnenantz’ may have been the duo’s breakthrough but watching them control crowds it was really only a matter of time.

Lisa O’Neill – Original State, Saturday

At first glance, the booking of Lisa O’Neill for the main stage seems an odd one. Her gorgeous music is surely better suited for intimate surroundings, greeted with hushed reverence. That, however, reckons with out O’Neill’s secret weapon – her uncanny ability to disarm and charm her audience with her off kilter stage persona. Watch her have the open air masses eating out of her hand.

Little Dragon – Original Stage, Sunday

What can we say about Little Dragon. One of, if not the best Swedish export ever to make a sound (sorry, Abba). Soulful, energetic, dirty, funky pleasure from Yukimi Nagano and her school chums. If you miss this slot you will not only regret it, State will possibly have to rethink its relationship with you. This band are utterly stunning live.

Public Enemy – Original Stage, Sunday

Musical legends don’t always get their just rewards so, while they have influenced generations of rappers since they first shook the genre’s foundations with their early records, Public Enemy have found themselves somewhat in the wilderness over the years. That seems to be a changing state of affairs though, with their induction into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and joyous anthem ‘Harder Than You Think’. With a live band complementing the old school two turntables and a microphone approach, they’re a band back to their very best.

Sounds Of System Breakdown – Original Stage, Sunday

Dublin based trio SOSB have been called electronic music’s missing link. We can attest that these guys have been doing what nobody else has dared since time immemorial. Part punk, part electronic, completely original.

The Flaming Lips – Original Stage, Saturday

Words will never do justice to Wayne Coyne and co.’s live shows. If you’ve never seen a man in a pristine white suit (soon to be covered in fake blood and glitter) arrive on stage by zorbing over the crowd’s heads in a giant bubble before welcoming an army of Santas, alien invaders, ballerinas and giant furry animals shooting confetti cannons, well, you just haven’t lived. Do not, under any circumstances, miss this. Weirdness is beautiful. The music is also pretty amazing.

The Notas – Lighthouse Stage, Saturday favourites The Notas have been busily furrowing a path like no other in Irish world music. Pretty much incomparable in terms of form and style, their ability to drive songs into your head from 50 feet completely belies their collective tender age. Talented beyond their years.

Thundercat & Captain Murphy – Undergrowth Stage, Saturday

Thundercat, or Stephen Bruner, has been around as a session bass player for years now. Chances are that you, the discerning music fan, has at least one album featuring his exemplary, and frankly absurd, six-string-bass playing on it. His own jazz infused demented funk, let alone when joined by Captain Murphy, aka Flying Lotus, is genius enough to ensure you can’t really afford to miss this one either.

Wild Beasts – Undergrowth Stage, Sunday

Having released their incredible fourth album Present Tense this year, and having already played a jaw-dropping gig in Dublin too, we are being treated to a Wild Beasts feast. For a band with songwriting ability and chops like these it really is no wonder they have been invited back to the Forbidden Fruit again.

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1 day €59.50
2 day €110.00

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