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Interview: Foxes…”it’s nice to be able to use music as a bit of therapy”

It’s safe to say that 2014 was a bit of a whirlwind year for Foxes, one that saw the release of her debut album Glorious, numerous Top Ten hits, and even an appearance on Dr Who. Six months into 2015 however, and there’s no respite for the 26 year-old singer-songwriter who’s already experienced working with legendary producer Giorgio Moroder, broken a Guinness World Record for consecutive live shows, and just brought out her latest single ‘Body Talk’. With a second album to follow this year, Southampton-born Foxes (aka Louisa Rose Allen) was in an unsurprisingly buoyant mood as she looks forward to the latest chapter in her musical journey.

“Yea, it’s really nice to have new music out,” she beams. “I sort of ended last year after coming off tour and then I got straight back into the studio for six months. It was nice to have been hidden away in a dark studio until now and then come back with a new single and album.”

Following the wide success of Glorious, Foxes’ latest offering is sure to be one of the most eagerly anticipated pop albums of the year, but so far she’s keeping the release date of the as-of-yet untitled album close to her chest. “It’s definitely going to be sometime in Autumn. I’m literally just finishing the album this week so it’s kind of the last week of getting everything together. It’s been a really fun process and I’ve got to work with some amazing people so it’s gonna be really fun to have everything out and have so many things to talk about. I don’t have a title yet, but I have a few ideas.”

Current release, club-friendly track ‘Body Talk’ is set to be the album’s lead single, but it’s a much more personal record than one might expect. “Around the time I was writing the album a few things happened that weren’t the nicest but I definitely wanted to write something that had a positive message and, in a way, it was kind of uplifting and added a bit of a silver lining to things. Generally I tend to write quite personally, like something straight out of a diary, it’s nice to be able to use music as a bit of therapy like that.”

When prompted on the record’s retro, somewhat ’80s extravagant style however, Foxes is adamant that despite her recent single ‘Wildstar’ with Giorgio Moroder, the music is not genre-inspired.

“No, it wasn’t but I am a big fan of his,” she laughs. “When I write music I don’t think of a genre specifically, I just feel with this song it just happened very naturally. It’s one of the most produced tracks on the album but it was written in about two hours and the track that’s out now is pretty much exactly the same as the demo. It’s quite a quick process.”

So, style-wise can we expect the rest of the album to carry on in a similar vein, or will Foxes be throwing in a few surprises? “Well it definitely feels a bit like a diary,” she claims. “It shares a lot of emotion and there are a few more stripped-back moments. There are a few songs on there that are similar to ‘Body Talk’ but the album’s not full of disco tracks, there’s a big variety of different music.”
Obviously you’d expect the release of a new album to go hand in hand with a Summer stretch of tours and festivals, and in Foxes’ case, a debut appearance at Isle of Wight festival was among them.

“Yea it was amazing. I got through some of the new music and the crowd went crazy!” she excitedly declares. “When you do a first album and have your first show back it’s always scary because people have been there from the beginning that you don’t know are gonna stick with you, but I was really overwhelmed, the tent just filled up and the reaction was incredible. I’m also going to be playing Hyde Park with Kylie Minogue and some other great artists, Years and Years and Grace Jones, so that’s gonna be really good fun. Then I’m doing a lot of European festivals and a London show very soon”.

Irish fans will doubtless be happy then that Foxes is planning a return visit, even if it hasn’t quite been scheduled yet.

“I will be very soon,” she assures us. “I love playing in Ireland, it’s literally one of my favourite places to play. Everyone’s so happy and the crowds are really up for it so it’s always really good fun whenever I come over. When the album’s out I’ll definitely be coming back, it’ll be great to play some new music for everyone”.
Something of a workaholic, Foxes recently entered the Guinness Book of Records for the impressive feat of performing seven shows in seven different cities in under twelve hours for the children’s charity Check Stop, but incredibly she still manages to balance her music with her love for fashion, recently being named as the new face of H&M.

“I love the whole creative side of making, and working with fashion,” she admits. “It was something I didn’t really expect to happen but it’s for the H&M ‘Love Music’ line so it’s really cool because I get to combine the two. In the future I’d definitely like to (get into the fashion business), I’m always open to new things.”
A potential future career move then, but music fans will be relieved to hear that Foxes has no plans of leaving us just yet; insisting her sole focus will be music for the rest of the year.

“For the moment I’m just concentrating on finishing this album and getting some singles out,” she states. “I really want to do a big tour and travel the rest of the world playing music but just having the album out is going to be really exiting. I’m really proud of this album, it really feels very current for me in my life right now and it’s gonna be great singing about all these things that really mean a lot to me. I can’t wait!”

Foxes’ new single ‘Body Talk’ is out now