by / May 25th, 2010 /

Top Story: Gig preview: Scuba, Twisted Pepper

Next week Scuba, one of the hardest working men in electronic music, will be taking time out of his hectic schedule to play a few tunes at the SALT night in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper on June 3rd. There is perhaps no other artist who encapsulates the synthesis of dubstep and techno more than the Englishman known as Paul Rose. His contributions to the ever broadening scope of dubstep include two albums, an established record label, tonnes of EPs and a successful night in Berlin’s most prestigious night club. Most recently he has released his second LP, Triangulation, which is bound to be regarded as a classic in both genres.

Rose set up his label Hot Flush in 2003 with the aim of getting his tracks and other like-minded producers out into the world and in the intermittent years has exposed listeners to some of the most forward thinking dance music around. Hot Flush has released records for the likes of Boxcutter, Distance and Mount Kimbie but its coup de grace came last year with the immortal ‘Hyph Mngo’ by Joy Orbison. Despite the label’s current high profile it is very much a DIY affair run by music lovers who want to give a platform to music that otherwise wouldn’t be heard.

Scuba’s own music is signified by a high groove factor but it is not just for the dancefloor- his compositions are complex pieces that can be admired at home. Remove the beats and you are left with beautiful atmospheres and melodies which recall Autechre’s early output. The hypnotic percussion adds even more layers of depth to his tracks. One of the most interesting production techniques that Rose employs is the use of field recordings, here and there you hear something like a door closing or footsteps used as drum beats, which gives his tracks mystery and originality.

While his first forays into production were garage and dubstep it is only since he moved to Berlin that Scuba reconnected with house and techno. His Substance night in techno Mecca Bergain has grown from strength to strength attracting DJs and clubbers from all over the world but living in Berlin has also had a strong impact on his production. Rose has recently been releasing 12’s under the guise of his SCB monkier that explore a more house sound which he has admitted is a direct result of his late night adventures in the German city.

Scuba will be making his welcome return to Dublin next Thursday to the fittingly underground room of the Twisted Pepper. Expect dark and deep beats that will move your feet and your mind.