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Godsized interview

With a new EP on the way in July, establishing a name for themselves on the live circuit and a slot playing one of the biggest festivals in Europe – Godsized have come along way since they formed in 2008. Lead guitarist Neil Korner speaks to about opening Download festival 2010, the band’s new EP and the challenges they face as an up-coming band in today’s music industry.

You are playing Download festival this year, how do you prepare for a show of this size?

It is an amazing opportunity to play Download and we are very excited. Our philosophy on preparing for a show as big as this is to play as many shows as possible beforehand, so if we are not on tour we make sure to play live as much as possible before to the run up to the gig. You can rehearse and rehearse and rehearse but that doesn’t necessarily make your set a good live show so the best way for us is to just get out and play and try different songs and different positions and work off the crowd’s reaction.

How did Godsized get together as a band?

The band in name only started in 2005 and it had a different line-up apart from me. Throughout time, the career ambition started to come through as our following started to grow and people started too really like what we were doing so we started to put together a really good line up. Godsized to me really started in early 2008 when Glen our singer joined and both of us started writing and we really hit if off together. Then when Effon – our drummer and Gav – our bass player, joined we just knew that we had the four right people in the band and the chemistry was right.

How would you describe your sound?

We get labeled a lot of different things in the media. Some journalists have called us a metal band and some have called us a rock band and we have been tagged in with the stoner-rock label or Metal Hammer has put us in the ‘New NWOHBM’ label which is cool, but I just think of us as a hard rock band. We have lots of influences from many points of rock music and outside of rock but our singer Glen is a real powerhouse vocalist and sings with a clear voice, which I think separates us from a lot of bands at the moment. We are just a groovy hard rock band at heart.

What highlights have there been so far?

The band being asked to play Download – that was major news for us as it is what most bands aim for. We played at Bloodstock last year and each of these festival appearances are like milestones for us, we have also signed a management contract early this year but Download is definitely the biggest achievement for us as a band so far.

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a band?

The financial aspect is hard and trying to find the money to keep recording, keep ourselves on the road and everything that goes into pushing the band in the press but I think it is good in a way as it keeps us hungry.

You have a new EP coming out in July (The Phoney Tough and the Crazy Brave). How did the recording of this record differ from the first?

We did the recording in the same place as the first record, in the University in Huddersfield. A friend of ours is the head lecturer for the music technology course at the university so we have been able to go up there and use the studio which helps keep the recording cost to a minimum. On the first record we actually stayed in the student halls of residence as it was over the summer holiday period, so that was cool, but with this record with have been driving up there over consecutive weekends and it is a 250 mile drive for a lot of us, so it has been a bit of a nightmare compared to the first record. We are going to release a three track EP now and the album is due in winter and we are busy planning a tour to get behind it. I am really happy with how it has turned out. We are very excited for people to hear it and to get on the road to support the album.

And finally, have you had any major live disaster stories that you would like to share?

We are pretty tight at this stage but this one story does come to mind. We had a show in a place called The Purple Turtle in London a few years back and we only had a six song set, so at least a half hour on stage and in this time – my amp blew up, my guitar broke a string and one of the guitar leads inside my pedal board had broken so it was literally the worst 30 minutes I have ever had on stage. From then on I am a bit like Noah – I have two of everything.

Godsized play the Pepsi-Max stage at this year’s Download festival [Donnington Park, Derby] on Saturday 12th June 2010.