by / June 15th, 2017 /

Watch: Group Zero – ‘Pyramid of Light / Love and The Present’

Having released the exquisite Structures and Light as Group Zero just a few months back, Cathal Cully (Girls Names) has followed up the heady electronic collection with a brand new video reflecting ‘Pyramid of Light’ & ‘Love and The Present’, two of the album’s more serene pieces. It’s directed by Dublin-based visual artist Dorje De Burgh, who says “The visual that accompanies ‘Pyramid of Light/Love and the Present’ was created in response to Group Zero’s beautiful piece – with a definite nod to one of my all time favourite videos, Pas De Deux’s ‘Cardiocleptomanie’ – while in the process of creeping around filming an ongoing body of obsessive voyeuristic work called Light Sleeper, dealing with the moral/ethical grey areas of watching and being watched. In this case however, it’s all above board… “

Whatever the case may be, we think you’ll agree it’s a fitting accompaniment to one of the most compelling Irish releases of 2017 so far. Watch it below.