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Hard Working Class Heroes bands preview

State is pretty excited to be directly involved in Hard Working Class Heroes this year with the photography exhibition but there’s plenty of music acts we recommend too. Here’s a rundown.

5 You May Know

We make no apologies for the fact that this lot have impressed us maybe more than any other new Irish band this year. Expect two girls and one guitar to match any of the other bands for sheer power.(Sun, 9.30pm, Academy 2)

At last Ireland has got a decent pop band again, albeit one with a singer with a dodgy mustache. Give them a sunny evening and they could almost be Cork’s answer to the Beach Boys. (Fri, 8.10, Meeting House Square)

Super Extra Bonus Party
Getting run over by Grace Jones aside, the Electric Picnic was a triumph for the Boners. Out there remix project now completed and to be delivered next month, attention now should surely focus on delivering the album we know they’re capable of. (Fri, 10.10pm, Meeting House Square)

Fight Like Apes
This time last year, FLA were just another band on the up. Their HWCH set at Crawdaddy was one of those springboard moments that has propelled them to this special guest status. (Sat, 11.20pm, Meeting House Square)

Oliver Cole
Putting the highs and lows of Turn’s tumultuous career behind him, Cole finally embarks on his solo career. Expect less loud guitars and more soul searching. (Sat, 10.55pm, Dame Lane)

5 You May Not

Heartbreak Cartel
Afrobeat influences seem to be de rigeur this year but in Heartbreak Cartel’s case, they’re entirely justified as they come originally from Pretoria. Confusingly, they appear to have changed their name to Regardless but appear here in their former incarnation. (Fri, 7.30pm, Andrews Lane)

The Parks
Punchy guitar music is nothing new on these shores but The Parks bring a youthful enthusiasm to proceedings, coupled with a keen sense of musical history.(Sat, 9.35pm, Eamon Dorans)

The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock
Offering a slightly different take on traditional music, the Spooks take it into a whole new world of psychedelia, prog and post rock. (Sun, 10.15pm, Dame Lane)

Bats – Along with Adebisi Shank and Terrordactyl, Bats represent the new Dublin breed of heavy guitar music which delivers hypnotic riffs and a ear for a tune without compromising their sound. (Sat, 9.10pm, Meeting House Square)

Dublin Duck Dispensary
Some bands are worth checking out for the name alone and this year has it’s fair share. DDD are as off the wall as their moniker suggests, although without ever venturing down the avenue marked ‘Unlistenable Rubbish’. (Fri, 9.30pm, Academy 2)

5 Scottish Invaders

Sons & Daughters.
Curators of this year’s invasion, Sons & Daughters have grown from dark folk punk obsessives into glam popsters with an interest in dark folk punk (Sun, 11.00pm, Meeting House Square)

Frightened Rabbit
An eagerly anticipated set from this Glaswegian band and one not to be missed if you’re a fan of absorbing indie-rock with a clue and a distinct twang. Their album Midnight Organ Fight is out on Fat Cat and is highly recommended. (Sat, 10.55pm, Andrews Lane)

Founded after a make-up related scrap in an Edinburgh night club, Fangs main aim was to form a band that had sharp teeth and the right name. Good work. (Sat, Midnight, Button Factory)

We Were Promised Jetpacks
Glasgow has many musical heritages but none more enduring that slightly shambling indie guitar types. We Were Promised Jetpacks are proud upkeepers of the tradition. (Fri, 9.30pm, Meeting House Square)

Influences such as whisky, Wildlife On One and sea shanties might make Foxface sound like a bunch of oddballs but they themselves maintain that they sound like two polite west-coast teuchters playfighting with a bad-tempered foul mouthed Dundonian. So now you know. (Sat, 9.35pm, Andrews Lane)

5 Bands you should check out

Kill Krinkle Club
State was very impressed with their recent EP calling it “reflective, twinkling electronica-fused skewed pop“. We’re looking forward to seeing the live carnation. (Fri, 10.15pm, Andrews Lane)

One Day International
With an impressively lush and organic album in Blackbird on the way and esteemed members of Ireland’s music scene involved including Matt Lunson, Cormac Curran and Ross Turner, this band are about to show us how to marry rich arrangements with the best of singer-songwriter tendencies. (Sun, 8.50pm , Button Factory)

The Vinny Club
One man, possibly dressed up in Ultimate Warrior getup playing tunes which were made in a Nintendo universe which only understands 8-bit. What’s not to like? (Sat, 8.55pm , Andrew’s Lane)

The Holy Roman Army
Brother and sister Chris and Laura Coffey hail from Carlow and have been making music together for the last fifteen years. When not working in as a doctor and educational psychology respectively, the duo make electronic and sampled based lovely noise.(Sat, 7.30pm , Andrew’s Lane)

David Turpin
Turpin’s blend of electronics and acoustic torch-bearing songs with a dramatic edge has earned him a high-profile in a matter of months helped by the release of his debut album The Sweet-Used-to-Be. Live, he will perform with a 4-piece band.(Fri, 10.55pm , Dame Lane)

Don’t forget that MUZU.TV have been diligently making videos for bands participating the results of which you can see in the player below.

Also, have been hosting the downlaod chart with mp3s and profiles galore.

  • danielle

    how typical of you.
    oh state please dont get predictable like hotpress.

    next youll be posting pictures of yer wan from ham sandwich’s billy roll.

  • odf

    Rude to ask predictable how?? Damn good guide methinks, particularly lookin forward to the vinny club, cheers lads

  • Yeah, GOD State, can’t believe you’d cover the biggest festival of the year for Irish bands. SO Hot Press of you.

    Or was that not what she was getting at?

  • I’d actually like to apologise for that stupid sarcasm. That was stupid.

  • The Lead Singer Of Your Favourite Band

    The Ambience Affair – Andrews Lane Theatre – Sunday – 8.55.

    You’ll feel like Bishop Piggy-In-The-Middle if you don’t go.

  • Have a look at the Heathers video (Sunday) and Little X’s For Eyes (Sat). Amazing stuff.

  • Colin

    Where do we get wrist bands? Can’t find info anywhere. Have my ticket.

    Looking forward to it! Kill Krinkle club will no doubt put on an even weirder show than their last Dublin gig!

  • Colin, tickets from the information centre opposite entrance to Meeting House Square.

  • co

    new amusement will kick ass too, caught them in the button factory before, really good live sound.
    looking forward to catching vinny club and heathers too

  • Lucy Jackson

    check out Tidal District tonight – and also The Hot SProckets – woo!

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