by / February 21st, 2018 /

Introducing: HAUNCH

With two tracks already out pummelling the public’s ears, HAUNCH have laid out an uncompromising mission statement for the release of their debut full-length. Made up of members of East Antrim alt-rock royalty Therapy? and Throat, HAUNCH’s Lay My Bones Beside The Others means serious business (in as much as “dark, distorted pop songs” do) and comes courtesy of Belfast-based sound start-up Black Tragick Records.

Calling to mind the scuzziness of early Alice in Chains and the thoughtful instrumentation of a young Placebo, so far, HAUNCH have delivered an engaging first impression. Our lobes are certainly perked towards the outfit for what’s coming next.

Listen to ‘Twitching’ and ‘Where Do We Go For Release’ below, and do head on over here to spend some money on the full album.