by / June 26th, 2015 /

Mix: Hip Hop

In the first of a new-fangled, genre-rotating feature here at State, we’re bringing you the finest selection of tracks to get your weekend off on the right foot. In time we’ll have indie, rock, electronica and everything in between but first up is Ross Logan’s selection of some of the finest new hip hop releases, with a classic track for good measure of course, so that you may leave behind the working week and ease into the festivities that lie ahead. Happy listening.

Vince Staples‘ initial exposure may have come in the form of Odd Future features, but he has fully stepped out of that shadow as of now. After the excellent Hell Can Wait EP last year, he is set to drop a double album, Summertime 06 on June 30th. This track, ‘Señorita’, produced by Christian Rich and assisted by Future, is a bass heavy wake up call to anyone still unaware of his lyrical prowess.

Chance the Rapper & the Social Experiment have recently released the full length album Surf. Working with his touring band so closely has allowed Chance to evolve into a very interesting prospect for the future. His ability to make a whole track or verse sound spontaneous is second to none. However, the album is truly a collective effort, with various features including everyone from Erykah Badu to Busta Rhymes and the latter appears on ‘Slip Slide’, giving us a glimpse of the joyous, feel good days when Busta was collaborating with A Tribe Called Quest in the early 90s.

Bishop Nehru has made some serious moves in the past few years, including releasing his first official album alongside MF DOOM and signing with Mass Appeal Records. ‘Somebody Waits’, taken from the Nehruvian EP, features the 18 year old boasting skills well beyond his years over a stuttering and haunting voice sample. It’s obvious working with DOOM didn’t just do wonders for his rhyming skills, as his production has also flourished since.

Mick Jenkins is a relatively new emcee from Chicago that has already garnered praise from everyone from Timbaland to Joey Bada$$. His unique voice and flow are best captured over Kaytranada’s smooth production on ‘P’s & Q’s’. With five mixtapes under his belt in just 3 years, the future is looking bright and productive for Jenkins.

‘Passin’ Me By’ is taken from The Pharcyde’s classic 1992 album, Biazrre Ride 2. The album is still hailed as one of the best West Coast albums of all time and inspired a wave of alternative hip hop artists like Jurassic 5. This track details the teenage love woes of the young group at the time over a classic sample. They are set to return to the Sugar Club July 4th to celebrate their debut album.

You can hear more from our resident hip hop head, Ross, over on his What You’re Going To See blog