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A Month In: Hip-Hop – July

Nas On ‘Barbarians’ in America

Brooklyn MC Nas has never shied away from speaking his mind particularly when it comes to his views on African American culture and his recent appearance on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show was no exception. He contributed to a discussion panel regarding differences in healthcare treatment for black and white children. When Cooper asked Nas what would he say to viewers who feel it’s time to move on from speaking about slavery as the U.S now has a black president Nas replied “It’s guilt, it’s ignorance. People tend to judge each other. If I don’t know something about you Anderson, I’m going to judge you based on a bad experience I had with another white person. If you don’t know me and you see me walk down the street, my pants are hanging, you’re going to assume the worst. We need to learn how to deal with each other because at this point America is looking like barbarians”.

Talib Tweli Drinks the Truth Serum

Talib Kweli and singer IndiaArie are joining forces for a special event in Brooklyn called The Truth Serum. The event, which takes place at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music on 29th August also has 9th Wonder’s artist Rapsody will be playing in front of The Brooklyn Philharmonic. Kweili is clearly excited by the show saying “I love India.Arie … We’re born the exact same day. She’s the truth. Can’t wait to play with her at The Truth Serum show!”

The Truth Serum is the concept of Legend Factory Founder/CEO Amanda McIntyre-Chavis. Speaking about the show, she said: “The Truth Serum celebrates artistic transparency and authenticity. Each artist featured is widely respected and known for diving deep into their souls to provide the total truth in their music, their art and their lives. The event theme is designed to engage the total fan experience, while also showcasing what’s new-and-next in entertainment. The Truth Serum will also feature up-and-comers Luke James and Esnavi.

Nicki Minaj’s Fatal Attraction

DJ Khaled’s proposal to Nicki Minaj on MTV has seriously backfired as Nicki has filed a restraining order against him. Khaled proposed to Nicki through a videotaped message, which aired on MTV. Twitter overload began as fans suspected it was a stunt to promote his new single but he has insisted that this was not a joke. In the special video message to Minaj, Khaled confesses his love for Nicki. He proclaimed “Nicki Minaj, I’m at MTV, I’m going to be honest with you: I love you. I like you; I want you; I want you to be mine.”

The video finishes with a proposal and Khaled flashing a reported $500,000 ring for Minaj. Hip-Hop news sites have reported since that Nicki has filed a restraining order in the state of New York against Khaled. According to reports the DJ has allegedly also sent her flowers and random packages, and constantly shows up to her concerts. During a radio interview Khaled proposed to Minaj once more, saying “Nicki Minaj, I love you. Nicki Minaj, will you marry me? Poor Nicki seems to have her very own hip-hop bunny-boiler. Or is it a piss take? You be the judge.

Eminem Finally Plays Slane

Eminem finally takes to the stage at Slane next month. On Saturday, 17th August, Slim Shady is set to bring his phenomenal back catalogue to life along with all of his notorious musical alter egos. Eminem cancelled a scheduled concert at Slane back in 2005 due to “exhaustion complicated by other factors”, which is celebrity speak for a stint in rehab. Luckily Lord Henry Mountcharles isn’t holding a grudge. In an interview he recently said: “I’ll welcome him here the same way I welcomed Jon Bon Jovi. I greeted him when he got out of his helicopter and wished him well with the gig.”

Rising Star – Kat Dahlia

Cuban gravel voiced rapper/ singer Kat Dahlia has just released her debut single ‘Gangsta’ which is taken from her upcoming album ‘My Garden’ through newly launched label Vested In Culture (VIC). ‘Gangsta’ is inspired by the 23-year-old’s difficult childhood growing up in Miami and lengths she went to survive. Dahlia who began writing songs at fifteen has become known for her fiercely aggressive delivery also released three digital singles back in March and has an eclectic mix of musical influences including Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin and Frank Sinatra. Definitely an artist to watch for in the coming months.