by / March 9th, 2017 /

Video Premiere: Hiva Oa – Jonny Brazil

One of State’s beloved Faces of 2017, Hiva Oa effortlessly strike the perfect balance between heavy and melodic – perhaps no better represented by the emotionally challenging ‘Jonny Brazil’, which is taken from their September 2016 EP mkII (Part 1). Now, the track has a brand new video that State is delighted to premiere.

Fittingly poignant, given yesterday’s International Women’s Day celebrations as well as the many essential Strike 4 Repeal protests around the country, Hiva Oa manage to drill down in to how we perceive identity and the self. Here’s what Stephen had to say about ‘Jonny Brazil’ and its new visual accompaniment. We look forward to more music from Hiva Oa, and do keep your eyes and ears peeled for mkII (Part 2), which sees its release this April. Tasty.

How do you feel the video represents the song itself?

“The song is effectively about escapism. Someone trying to come to terms with who they really are. When developing the concept for the video, we wanted to show this as an almost dreamlike state, with the lead character unsure of their surroundings, but determined to get where they are going.’

Where was your collective headspace at, musically, when you penned the track?

“I think we were in quite a positive place when it came to writing the music for this track, almost as a parallel to the lyrics.  It was harvested from one of our long improvised sessions, but the story started evolving quite quickly during the session. In terms of melody and structure, we ended up changing very little from the initial improvised concept.”

Watch the new video for ‘Jonny Brazil’, below.

Hiva Oa photographed for State Faces of 2017 by Olga Kuzmenko.