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Festival: HWCH ’15 – State’s 21 to see

This year’s HWCH Festival is nearly upon us and, given that the domestic scene is in such rude health, any event that brings 100 of its acts together has got to be worth your time. A new development for 2015 means you can pay into and stay at individual shows but to be honest that’s missing out on the venue to venue running around that is a huge part of the fun. In keeping with the spirit of the weekend, our preview takes in one act per night of each of the seven venues taking part and focuses largely on the brand new….


Academy Main RoomHare Squead (10.15pm)

It’s been 18 months since we first introduced you to the rap trio but it still feels as if Hare Squead are only just spreading their wings. Their outdoor showing at this event last year proved they could hold their own against the established acts, now they return as headliners.

Academy Green RoomNature (7.35pm)

Rooted in jazz but drawing in elements of techno, dubstep and blues, the Dublin quartet mix virtuoso musicianship with raw improvisation.

The Grand SocialElm (10.10pm)

A beautifully dark, intense experience combined with a winning way with a tune.

The Workmans ClubSaint Sister (9.20pm)

Having knocked us all sideways with their ‘Madrid’ track last week, it’s hard not to see the duo of Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre as one of the first night’s highlights – if not of the whole festival.

Bad BobsBagels (10pm)

There’s so much more to the Irish scene than guitar bands right now but it’s still a treat to come across one who do it with genuine excitement and verve. Bagels are that band.

The MercantileWe Raise Bears (10.40pm)

Dublin duo with creative ideas to spare.

HangerHot Cops (9.30pm)

We’re used to an annual influx of noise providers from the North at this time of year, and it’s good to see this particular trio taking their place at the head of the pack.

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