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Incoming – Band of Skulls

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Matt from Band of Skulls, we’re from Southampton. We all grew up in this town. Myself and Russell were friends as kids and got involved in music to stay out of trouble… Emma came along then and we became a band!

What’s it really like touring?

It just doesn’t end…

We’re just back from New York which was a one-off show and technically not touring, but who wouldn’t want a little trip to New York?! Touring is the greatest job in the world, though. It’s not as glamorous as I thought it would be but I have absolutely no complaints about that.

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play?

We’re always hungry to play new places….seeing somewhere for the first time and then getting to revisit it again is always a thrill. We do love playing in the Guildhall at home though. I remember walking past it, going to work or whatever, and there’d always be a tour bus outside and I’d think that I’d love it to be our tour bus… when we played there it was incredible. That was a milestone for us; like we’d come full circle.

What has been your biggest achievement of the year?

Just being able to put out another record. We’ve actually seen the crowds getting bigger and bigger with each show so that’s the biggest achievement to date, not just this year.

What was the worst piece of advice you were given?

Hmmmm, well lots of people have opinions as to what we should do as a band… The worst? Get a keyboard player – “this will sound better with synths in it”. No, it won’t!

What do you do to relax?

As a band we listen to a lot of music. We play cards and generally we drink heavily.

What are you reading?

I’m reading a book a friend of mine gave me called Kill Your Friends. It’s pretty funny to sitting there on the tour bus with a book with that title… it’s good though.

How about TV, anything good on the box?

I don’t watch a lot of TV to be honest, my attention span is terrible these days. That doesn’t stop people telling me “oh, you have to see this…or that…”

Do you have a favourite YouTube video?

Everybody needs to see this… James Brown, Japanese soup, the second we finish this interview you need to go and treat yourself and watch this. He must have been paid a shit-load of money for this.

What is your favourite:

Record? I’m honestly not sure… ok well in terms of what inspired us as a band it’s Electric Ladyland. That was the first time we thought that we need to make music.

Song? ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys

Lost classic song? Ok…there’s a song by a band called Peddlers, I think it’s called Walk On The Wild Side. Not to be mistaken with Lou Reed’s song, but people need to see this because the drumming is… just watch it!

Record label? I can’t answer that.

Who is your favourite current artist?

Beck…his new album is amazing. I saw him a few weeks ago at the Roundhouse and seeing him perform tracks from it was unreal. And I’ve just stumbled across First Aid Kit. And Anna Calvi, we’re absolutely terrified by her guitar playing ability. She’s tiny, too! How she gets around that guitar is astounding.

A new artist that you are most excited about?

The Moulettes…from Southampton. You’re gonna love them.

What was the last great gig you saw?

Beck…it has to be. We were just looking for a gig to go to that night, not planning to see him in particular but it turned out to be the best show I’ve seen in a lifetime.

Worst show?

We once played on an inflatable stage…at some cricket ground. I think it was in a town called Little Hampton. But an inflatable stage, that’s a fucking low point for me. Emma didn’t even turn up, she was having none of that.

What should we expect from your Irish shows?

We’ll we’re incredibly excited to be playing there…I think the last time was supporting the Black Keys in the O2 Arena and it was amazing. We want to replicate that buzz if possible.

Photo by Elodie Chapuis
Band of Skulls play in Dublin’s Academy on October 29th. Tickets are available here.