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Incoming: Benga

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While Burial’s Untrue was garnering acclaim and column inches in 2007 for ‘dubstep album of the year’, 21 year-old Beni ‘Benga’ Uthman’s collaboration with producer Coki, ‘Night’ became the biggest-selling dubstep single of the last year. The anthem’s minimalist bouncing rhythms were dropped in a host of non-dubstep DJ sets and have raised expectations for the pioneer’s forthcoming second album Diary of an Afro Warrior on Tempa.

Where the anonymous Burial aimed for head-grazing atmospherics, Benga’s music is firmly rooted in the electro-sonic camp. London born with Nigerian parentage, Benga combines menacing spectral synth lines, the genre’s characteristic deep bass frequencies with flourishes of soul and jazz samples. Listen to the pummelling crank of ‘E-Trips’ or the Kraftwerk skank of ‘Pleasure’ for a primer of the future sound of London.

You can catch Benga’s Irish debut at the Sibin Bass Festival in Rush, Co. Dublin on Saturday May 3rd with thanks to !Kaboogie and friends.


Benga & Coki – ‘Night’


  • Mike

    Benga rules… Burial is the emperor’s new bag of shite

  • rayoayondayo

    Burial’s a star Benga’s a good DJ but the Diary….fails to live up to the hype; he is being pushed as a “big thing” by an industry desparate to sell records!