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Incoming: Futures

Futures are Ant West, Casey Roarty, Christian Ward and George Lindsay. They came together last year and recorded a mini-album The Holiday, which was released last March. The band are signed to Mercury Records.

Futures play The Academy 2 on the 28th of May, tickets are priced at €13.00 (available from Ticketmaster) – note that this is a 14+ show, doors are at 6pm and no alcohol will be served.

We have two pairs of passes to giveaway, mail with your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Ant West, from Futures, who are from London UK.

What’s happening in London?

Mostly clouds right now, but I’m sat here listening to the Black Keys so it’s fine.

Who are your favorite artists from home?

Laura marling, Noah and The Whale.

What’s it really like touring?

The best fun that you can ever have/the hardest work you can ever do.

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play?

We love in London and Manchester and we have amazing memories of places like the roadhouse or the borderline, real intimate shows are the best.

Small sweaty club gig versus festival appearance?

Small sweaty bloody steaming club gig.

What’s your ideal festival line-up?

Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Surfjan Stephens, Telekenisis.

Tell us a tour story.

Been in bands since I was 14 and been doing it ever since, touring and recording and progressing and having the time of my life.

What are you reading?

The Way Of the Peaceful Warrior.

How about TV, anything good on the box?


What is your favourite record of all time?

Death Cab for Cutie – Plans

Who is your favourite current artist?


What should we expect from your Dublin show?

It’s our first time crossing the Irish Sea, so expect a show full of sweat on the walls and a chance to finally meet some Irish Fans.