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Incoming: This Club

Next Friday night (25th) sees the launch of the This Club Presents… night at the Sugar Club, featuring a performance from the hotly tipped Irish band plus support from Kid Karate, DJs Handsome Paddy & Nu Bromantics and all sorts of other shenanigans. This Club singer and keyboard player Johnny Holden gives us the lowdown on the whys and wherefores of life in and out of the band…

Who are you and where are you from?

Johnny Holden, and I live in the Liberties in Dublin.

Who are your favourite artists from your hometown?

Adebisi Shank, Twinkranes, The Nu Bromantics

What’s it really like touring?

Great craic – smelly, dirty, loud, you don’t get to sleep much, you get to eat junk all day and drink all night. what else is there in life?

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play?

Arlene’s Grocery in Greenwich Village, New York is always fun but so was Eddie Murphy’s in Thomastown Kilkenny. I think that one may have shut down though.

Tell us a tour story.

I was on crutches after I’d broken my ankle. Three weeks after I broke it we had to go to New York to play a Halloween gig. On the subway afterwards a really drunk guy came up and punched me in the face because he thought the crutches were a part of my Halloween costume and that it was offensive to disabled people. Who got the last laugh there though, huh?

What has been your biggest achievement of the last year?

Getting away with making a flash mob video for the single ‘I Won’t Worry’ in the middle of Temple Bar on the only sunny day of the year with no permission from Dublin City council and no hassle from the cops.

How about TV, anything good on the box?

Just finished season 4 of Breaking Bad. Quite brilliant.

Who would you most like to collaborate with if you got the chance?

Hall and Oates

What is the worst cover your band has ever performed?

Bjork – ‘There’s More To Life Than This’, from her first album Debut.

Have you ever trashed your equipment? When and why?

No, but I have lost plenty of shit down through the years including all of our guitar players pedals. It happened a year ago and he still resents me for it.

What website do you visit most?,

What is your favourite…

…album of the last year?

She and Him – A Very She and Him Christmas


‘My Girls’ by Animal Collective

..Lost classic song?

‘Down by the Riverside’ – Sister Rosetta Tharpe

… Record label?


…current artist?


…YouTube video?

‘Husky I Love You’

A new artist that you are most excited about?

Lana Del Rey

What was the last great gig you saw?

Everything Everything at Electric Picnic 2011

What should we expect from your Sugar Club shows?

Dancing, movement, excitement, and a total abhorrence to shyness.